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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Snow Dragons" from season one, which aired on September 20, 1999.


  • [The episode begins in the playroom where Max and Emmy are dressed in their snow clothes. Max is carrying a bunch of toys in his arms.]
  • Max: And my trucks, and my action bunnies, and…..
  • Emmy: Max, Quetzal’s taking us to Snowy Summit. What do you need all that stuff for?
  • Max: To play with.
  • Emmy: You don’t need toys to play in the snow.
  • Max: No?
  • Emmy: Definitely no.
  • [Max puts his toys down on the floor.]
  • Max: Then what are we waiting for?
  • Emmy: Where's Cassie?
  • Quetzal: Oh, I'm afraid Cassie has to stay home. She's getting over a cold.
  • Emmy: Poor Cassie! Maybe we should wait till she's better.
  • Ord and Max: Oh, but we want to go now!
  • Emmy: Me, too. But I don't want to leave Cassie all alone. I'll stay and keep Cassie company.
  • Quetzal: You're a good friend, Emmy. And when Cassie's better, I'll take you both to the snow. A special trip.
  • Emmy: Thanks, Quetzal! Have fun!
  • [She leaves.]
  • Ord: Goodbye!
  • Quetzal: Adios!
  • Max: Bye, Emmy!
  • Max: What if the snow dragon melted, Quetzal? It’s been at least a gazillion years since you were little.
  • Quetzal: [chuckles] Well, hundreds, anyway.
  • Burping Rock: [burps] Oh, excuse me.
  • [Max and Ord gasp]
  • Max: You burped.
  • Burping Rock: Can't help it. [burps] Excuse me. I've had too much—[burps again]—natural gas.
  • Max: Ord, it's the burping rock. Just like Quetzal said.
  • Ord: Maybe we're close to the snow dragon. Maybe he went there. Maybe we'll find Quetzal after all.
  • Burping Rock: [burps] I heard you yelling for a pretzel. I love pretzels.
  • Ord: No. We're looking for Quetzal, my teacher. He was taking us to the snow dragon, and we kind of got lost.
  • Max: What happened?
  • Ord: My wings are frozen. And you know what? My toes are frozen. And my nose is frozen, too. If my wings are frozen, I can't fly. And if I can't fly, we'll never get to Quetzal. Never ever.
  • Max: Ord, I miss my mommy and daddy.
  • Ord: [crying] I miss my mommy and daddy, too!
  • [The kids arrive back home and begin taking off their snow clothes.]
  • Emmy: I had a great time with Cassie. We had a dragonberry tea party and I can’t wait till Cassie’s better so we can go to the snow dragon.
  • Max: Cool! When you go, you have to talk to a new friend of mine. He’s a rock.
  • Emmy: A rock that talks? What does he say?
  • [Max burps]
  • Emmy: [giggles] Well, excuse you.
  • [The kids laugh]