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Something's Missing
Season: 2
Production code: 7b
Broadcast number: 7b
Written by:
Patsy Anasti
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
June 19, 2001
Paired with
"Cassie, The Green-Eyed Dragon"
"Musical Scales" (2005 Broadcast)

Something's Missing is the second segment of the seventh episode of the second season and the twenty-fourth episode of the third season Dragon Tales.


Emmy is going to camp for a week and Max is sad since he misses his sister. The dragon friends try cheering him up on doing fun things together while Emmy is gone.


As Emmy is preparing to leave home for a sleepaway camp, Max tries to help by adding a marble, robot, football helmet, and rubber snake to her suitcase. Emmy laughs and reminds him that she is the one going to camp, not he. Max replies that he doesn't want her to forget about him. She assures him it will only be for a week, and he can still have fun in Dragon Land. As the car horn honks, Max bids her good-bye, promises to save her bugs and worms, and hugs her. She then leaves, and Max says the opening rhyme to leave.

When Max arrives in Dragon Land alone, Zak observes it and points it out, which Wheezie says her usual "Love it!" line. When Cassie asks where Emmy is, Max replies that she is not coming, much to both twins' dismay. He explains where Emmy went, and that he misses her. Cassie tells him they'll all miss her together, as she is their friend, too. Zak says he'd miss Wheezie if she went away. Flattered, Wheezie thanks him for the compliment with a kiss. Ord tells Max he's glad he came. Quetzal tells him coming was just the right thing to do, as it helps to be with good friends when missing someone. When Max wonders what Emmy is doing, Wheezie bets she is having lots of fun, and Quetzal presumes that she is swimming, taking nature hikes, and sitting around a campfire. Max is glad she is having fun, but that doesn't stop him from missing her. Cassie suggests doing those same activities.

It starts with the gang going for a swim at a swimming hole (complete with a tire swing), with Quetzal acting as a lifeguard. Max jumps off the tire swing and starts a splash fight with Ord, who then disappears under water, picks him up, and tosses him back in towards Zak and Wheezie. He then passes Ord and Cassie, and tells Quetzal it was really fun.

Next, the gang goes on a nature walk to the Dancing Forest, as the trees are moving rhythmically. As they are passing the dancing trees, Quetzal tells them to listen to some laughter. It is coming from three bushes of yellow flowers and orange berries called tickleberries. With encouragement from Quetzal, Ord tries to pick a berry, but it laughs and wiggles, which scares Ord, but amuses Max. One of the bushes hops away, and Max tries to catch it. Cassie and the twins soon try to catch another tickleberry bush. Ord teases another bush that is chasing him. Max has fun for a while, but stops when he thinks about Emmy missing out. Quetzal assures him she is having her own fun and would want him to have fun, too. He asks the dragon students to try to cheer him up. Zak suggests he and Wheezie put their heads together, and they literally do by twisting their necks. Wheezie has an idea: that she could sing. She sings off-key, much to Zak's dismay. Cassie tries pretending to be Emmy, but she doesn't look or sound like Emmy, trying to talk like her. Max smiles, but doesn't laugh with the rest of the gang or Quetzal. Ord tries making his armpit noises and humming, prompting Zak to think Emmy is the lucky one, but Wheezie says it's working, as Max and Cassie are dancing and laughing together. Zak and Wheezie have a dance of their own. Max wishes Emmy could see it, but then decides she can. He asks for a camera. Ord loans his Polaroid camera (but not before almost eating it, as he ate the first two items he came across: an apple and a banana [with its peel still on]). He starts by taking a picture of Zak and Wheezie dancing (again). Quetzal tells him it is a good idea and that a picture can speak a thousand words. In fact, Max takes more pictures, including a second swim at the swimming hole.

That night, the group sits around a campfire, and Quetzal writes a letter to Emmy for Max on dragon-sized paper (the only size they have). After this, Max takes one last picture of the group by the fire. Quetzal gets out a dragon-sized envelope, and hands the letter to Cassie, who puts it in the envelope. Zak and Wheezie put the photos in, and Ord licks both the envelope and the stamp (with Quetzal holding the latter at the time), Quetzal puts the licked stamp on the envelope, Max takes the envelope, and Cassie puts it in the mailbox for him. Max waves good-bye, and the rest of the dragons wave back, and Max says the closing rhyme next to Cassie, and he goes home. He looks forward to a letter from Emmy for their mom to read to him, and he can't wait until Emmy gets his letter.



Something's Missing (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Wheezie: I don't love it!
  • Cassie: Definitely. I definitely think it's a good idea. Definitely.
  • Wheezie: You dance like you have two left feet, Zaky!
  • Zak: I don't even have one left foot!
  • Wheezie: Do you think that's my good side?
  • Zak: I'm your good side.
  • Ord: And this is my best side. Or is it this one?

Home Video release[]



  • The yellow background of the stamp Quetzal rubs onto Ord's tongue changes in value (meaning how light or dark it is) as it is being moved.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Moral: It's okay to miss someone who's gone for a while. But remember, they'll be back. And until they return, you’ll still have friends to keep you company.
  • This is the second time Max goes to Dragon Land without Emmy. The first time being in "My Emmy Or Bust," with Emmy leaving to go to the store without Max since he was more interested in playing with his play goo.
    • This episode also has other similarities to "My Emmy Or Bust." Though unlike the previous episode, Quetzal and Cassie appear in this one as well.
    • Another key difference is in "My Emmy Or Bust," Emmy returns home in the end. Here, she doesn't, as she is at camp for a whole week.
  • This episode reveals that Max is illiterate, meaning he can't read or write.
  • It was previously shown in "Don't Bug Me!" that Max has ophidiophobia, meaning he is afraid of snakes; however, in this episode, he has a toy rubber snake, which he tries packing into Emmy's suitcase. This either hints that he get over this fear or feels differently about snakes that he knows aren't real.
    • Even with nothing else, Max's football helmet would have been too bulky for a suitcase with so little thickness.
  • Also, when jumping in water, especially from higher places, it is safer if the water is deep.
  • When the gang arrives for the nature walk in the Dancing Forest, the trees dance, but no music starts until after the gang lands.
  • The stamp that Quetzal puts on the envelope looks like a dragon equivalent to George Washington, both the first President of the United States, the first to be put on a postage stamp, and the face of the quarter and $1 bill.