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Sophie (voiced by Ellen Kennedy) is Cassie, Kiki, and Finn's older sister, and possibly the eldest sibling.

Physical Appearance[]

Sophie is a tall, azure (meaning blue-cyan) dragon with golden yellow scales on her head and deeper gold spines on her back, a few deep gold scales on her shoulders, blue eyes, a yellow underbelly, and a fuchsia pomegranate-like dragon badge.




It is mentioned in "El Dia del Maestro" that Sophie was going to help prepare chalupas for the titular day's party, but according to a letter Cassie received, she couldn't make it, leaving Cassie in charge in her stead.

In "Moving On," Sophie is preparing for a going-away party as she is moving to attend a cooking school. She and Cassie spend a last period together making a sweet rice pudding with gooberry sauce. She instructs to measure the ingredients just right ("or who-knows-what might happen," she adds). At one point, when she gets to the best part (the gooberries), she feeds one to Cassie for a taste.

Sophie and Cassie serve their sweet rice pudding to the latter's friends (including Enrique), but gets up to close the window when the room gets a little chilly. She is unaware of the presence of the Grumbly Bee who is aiming to have some of the pudding, too. When Enrique says the title of a Colombian good-bye song, Sophie and the others persuade him to sing it.

After this, Sophie hugs Cassie good-bye and asks her friends if they'll all watch out for her little sister. They promise, and Sophie picks up her three bags, bids Cassie (and the rest) good-bye, they return their parting words, and she flies away.

The gang tries to have fun to take their mind (especially Cassie's) off Sophie. Unfortunately, in a game of hide-and-seek, it is Cassie's turn to seek, but when she finds elves' cap flowers, she misses Sophie more, as she explains to Emmy that they're Sophie's favorite flowers. Then they all bounce on musholines but Cassie, as she sees mountains, as they look like Sophie. Enrique suggests she stop trying to forget Sophie, and they suggest doing something to still be close. Ultimately, they decide to make sweet rice pudding.

Because of disasters (despite Cassie's instructions she picked up from Sophie), they only make one bowl. It is suggested that the one bowl they made would be mailed to Sophie, so they bring it to the postal dragon to deliver it (outsmarting the Grumbly Bee in the process). Fortunately, the postal dragon was just about to head there himself, so he takes the package.


Season 3[]


  • It is suggested that Sophie might be at least 18, as she leaves home alone.
  • It is never clear what the stem on Sophie's badge points to, as depending on which angle is closer to the viewer, the stem points in the opposite direction.
  • It is possible that Sophie is ambidextrous, as she uses her left hand to cut the heap from the sparkle powder and feed a gooberry to Cassie, and uses her right one to stir the sparkle powder into the pudding.