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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Sounds Like Trouble" from season one, which aired on January 19, 2000.


  • [The lights are off in the playroom with only a spotlight. Suddenly, a shadow slowly starts to rise and it turns out to be Max’s, who is wearing goggles.]
  • Max: [deep voice] It’s alive!!!
  • Emmy: No it isn’t, Max.
  • Max: [normal voice] Is so.
  • [It is revealed that Max and Emmy are playing with some jars of goo.]
  • Emmy: It’s just your yucky play goo.
  • [Max pours the two jars of goo into a bigger jar.]
  • Max: Nuh-uh. It’s my special recipe and it’s alive! Listen.
  • [Max takes out the blob of green goo and moves it around, making fart sounds. Emmy is less than amused at this.]
  • Max: [Laughs] See? It talks!
  • Emmy: Gross!
  • Ord: I can’t hear a thing!
  • Max: Great! Let’s go find our goo ball.
  • Ord: [shouting] Hey, Max! Let’s go find our goo ball!
  • Max: I just said that.
  • Ord: [still shouting] I said let’s go find our goo ball!
  • [Max tries to respond, but immediately gives up, realizing it’s not worth it.]
  • Max: [frustrated] Aargh!
  • Emmy: Wow! The day went by really fast! It's night already!