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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Staying Within The Lines" from season one, which aired on October 18, 1999.


  • Emmy: [Emmy draws a picture of a dragon] Look what I drew, Max!
  • Max: [Max draws a big circle as a race track] Look what I made! A race track! Help! Here comes the blue car. [Max uses a red and blue crayon, drawing scribbles on the paper while making race car sounds and tosses the blue crayon away] The winner! Red car crosses the finish line. [Max notice the glowing lights from the playroom drawer] Look! Someone's calling us to Dragon Land!
  • Emmy: Let's go!
  • Emmy and Max: I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with Dragons, in a land apart.
  • [The next scene shows Dragon Land not in color and it's all white and monochrome.]
  • Ord: Max! Emmy! I'm so glad you got here.
  • Max: Hey, where's our hug, Ord?
  • Ord: Not now, Max. We got work to do.
  • Quetzal: Hola, niños!
  • Emmy: Hola, Quetzal!
  • Max: Hi!
  • Quetzal: We all have something very important to do. Look over there.
  • Emmy: What happen to all the color?
  • Cassie: It got washed away by a big rain storm.
  • Ord: Even our school.
  • Quetzal: Si, that's why I brought these. You all go to the Stickleback Mountains. I'll color in the School in the Sky, you can help color in the rest.
  • Emmy: But you can't color in a real mountain.
  • Quetzal: In Dragon Land, you can!
  • Max: I love to color. This is gonna be fun!
  • Ord: Come on, everyone! Let's go!
  • Quetzal: But be careful, niños! There's a giant sleeping in the Stickleback Mountains and if he's awaken, he can be quite grumpy!
  • Max: Wow! It looks like a giant coloring book!
  • Emmy: Yeah! Before it's been colored!
  • [Ord and Cassie landed, Max and Emmy got off of their backs. They see the Knuckerhole, hear Zak and Wheezie's voice and see them pop out of the Knuckerhole in the air.]
  • Emmy: Zak! Wheezie!
  • [Zak and Wheezie land on the ground.]
  • Wheezie: We came as soon as we got Quetzal's message!
  • 'Zak:Wh-What's wrong?
  • Max: There's no color.
  • Wheezie: No color? Haaatte it! it looks so...
  • Zak: Neat and clean? Looovve it! Why messing it up by coloring it?
  • The Gang: ZAK!!!
  • Emmy: Com'on, Cassie! We can color in the flowers!
  • Zak: Wheezie! Knuckerholes are suppose to be brown.
  • Emmy: Are you all right, Max?
  • [All gasping]
  • Max: The giant thinks Ord and I took his color.
  • Ord: Max! Stop!
  • Emmy: You're making a mess!
  • Zak: Purple hair? The Giant's gonna hate it.
  • Mr. Giant: You given me hair... and a beard?!
  • Max: I love coloring!
  • Mr. Giant: Me, too!