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The Stickleback Mountains are a mountain range in Dragon Land.

One of the mountains has Snowy Summit, where Chilly the Snowman and his snowpuppy Nippy live.

It is revealed in "Whole Lotta Maracas Goin' On" that this is where you find some special sticks named after these mountains. The rule, as Cassie explains to Emmy, is that when gathering them, they both have to be in the same color, and they both have to be pulled out at the same time. If anyone tries otherwise (as Emmy shows when she just picks one out from a pink pile, which both girls like, and then, realizing her mistake after Cassie had explained it, she tries putting it back in the pile, but she can't), the pile falls over, and the sticks break into much smaller pieces, making them useless for maracas, so Cassie and Emmy decide to each pull a stick out from a blue pile at the same time on the count of three.

Also, in "A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words," it takes a while to figure out that this was what the Doodle Fairy (character) was drawing, and that it was where a knuckerhole to a garden with Giggle Flowers is located.

Additionally, it was mentioned to be the whereabouts of Polly Nimbus's cloud factory, and the whereabouts of the rare Jugglebugs (See "Under The Weather" and "Quibbling Siblings," respectively).