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Super Snow day
Super Snow Day
Season: 3
Production code: 2b
Broadcast number: 2b
Written by:
Carin Greenberg Baker
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
February 22, 2005
Paired with
"Rise And Bloom"
"Make No Mistake" (2005 Broadcast)

Super Snow Day is the second segment of the second episode of the third season of Dragon Tales


The friends go sledding up at Snowy Summit, but first they must help Enrique get used to snow, which he has never seen before.


It all starts with Max looking through a closet, handing scarves to Emmy, until she mentions that she wants the pink one. Enrique arrives up the stairs and asks why they are dressed like that when it is sunny outside. Emmy explains that they are going to Dragon Land to ride sleds. Enrique had never been on one of those before because he had previously grown up in places where it was always too warm to snow, and he had only seen images of them (both still images in books and moving ones on television). Emmy hands Enrique a spare set of winter clothes.

Once the three children arrive on Snowy Summit, Enrique is amazed by snow (or "nieve" as he calls it), and Max shows him how to catch snowflakes on his tongue. The dragon quartet slide down a hill on a long sled (with Cassie steering, the twins behind her, and Ord in the back), and then turn to brake, causing some of the snow to "fly" at the children. After greeting them, Ord asks them if they are ready to go sledding with him and the others. Max and Emmy agree, but Enrique is not so sure due to the speed. Cassie points out that sledding is like flying without wings, and the speed is even to Zak's liking. He is surprised when Wheezie says that she doesn't... however, it turns out that her liking it is an understatement; she loves it, which he says he should have seen coming. Emmy asks if Chilly and Nippy are here yet. Enrique doesn't know, so Ord basically says they are friends from Snowy Summit, and Cassie explains each specific state of being. Emmy explains that they are going to the Icicle Caverns on their sleds. To pass the time, Max and Ord have a sled race. At the end, Max falls off into the snow trying to make a turn before Ord arrives. It is not known if Max really won, or if they were even at the finish line when they stopped. Max laughs at it, but Enrique, as unaccustomed to snow as he has been, is worried for Max's safety and well-being, but he is fine due to the snow's softness. Zak laughs and tells Max he looks just like a snowman... a word that is perked up by Chilly as he and Nippy are finally arriving by a sled of their own. The gang introduces Enrique to Chilly and Nippy, and Enrique is surprised both that Chilly talks, and that Nippy runs and barks, because they are both made out of snow (and, in Nippy's case, ice, as well). Nippy licks Enrique with his cold tongue. Chilly asks if everyone is ready to go to the icicle caverns. The girls express their agreement to it. Everyone except Enrique has gotten on a sled (with the dragons on one, Emmy and Max on another, and Chilly and Nippy on another). Each group asks Enrique to ride with either of them, but Enrique hesitates. He is wary because he doesn't want to fall off, even though it hadn't hurt Max to fall into the snow, so he suggests flying or walking. Chilly says that sledding is the only way. Zak explains that flying is a problem because the Icicle Caverns are way deep in a valley with icicles and tree branches hanging over them, and Wheezie explains that it would be too far to walk, so Enrique decides to stay behind. The rest of them tell him it won't be as much fun if he doesn't come. He still doesn't want to come because it looks too scary. Emmy suggests getting used to it gradually (a little bit at a time). Cassie then suggests that Enrique sit on a sled, and one of them pulls it slowly on flat snow. Ord volunteers to be the one pulling. Zak coaches Ord to remember to pull it "nice and slow." So far, it is easy and fine, but Nippy approaches and walks beside the sled Enrique is on. Enrique suggests going a little faster. Ord does, but then stops at a little hill, afraid the sled will go too fast, but it is not too steep. However, Enrique is not sure of sledding down it. When Wheezie asks if someone else riding with him would make him feel better, Max volunteers to be that "someone else" and gets in front of Enrique. Then the twins push the sled, and Nippy runs after the human boys, running next to them and in front of them. Unfortunately, because Nippy gets in the way, and they are getting too close, Max swerves, and they both crash into a heap and fall out, because of which, Nippy licks Enrique. Everyone else goes down to check on them. They are fine, and Enrique admits Max was right about the fall not hurting, but was still a little scared. Nevertheless, Wheezie says they should get on their sleds and get going to the Icicle Caverns, as it is getting dark soon. Enrique, scared from the sled ride, doesn't want to go, much to the others' disappointment. Chilly urges Enrique to get back on so he'll be even less scared. Motivated and interested in the Icicle Caverns, Enrique decides to get on, and Cassie hugs him, and Ord cheers for him. The human boys get onto the blue sled, with Emmy starting to push, and then she gets on behind them.

Sure enough, the gang sleds down into the Icicle Caverns, which are sparkly, and Enrique declares that he has never gone so fast before. As Enrique observes the beautiful looks, music plays, and Wheezie declares that it sounds even more beautiful than it looks, and she and Zak fly up to some of the icicles and bang them like a big xylophone. They get a standing ovation, and Enrique calls for an encore, but Chilly intervenes by asking the gang if they are thirsty. They are, and so Chilly brings out some hot chocolate from his igloo. After drinking his hot chocolate, Enrique declares that it tastes even better in the cold. Wheezie asks Zak what they should play next. Enrique suggests a song about making hot chocolate (in Spanish), but only he knows how it goes, so he teaches it. The gang then sings the song, Ord says it is a perfect song to sit and drink hot chocolate by, and Enrique says he like singing about hot chocolate almost as much as he does drinking it.

The children then go home and pretend to go sledding in the playroom, as Enrique observes that it is still sunny, and they will be going back tomorrow.



Super Snow Day (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Zak: Even I like going that fast.
  • Wheezie: Well, I don't like it!
  • Zak: You don't?
  • Wheezie: I ♪LOOOOVE IT!♪
  • Zak:: [laughs] Should have seen that one coming.
  • Enrique: Max, ¿estás bien? Are you okay?

Home Video release[]



  • In a closeup of Emmy's lower face when she and the boys hold onto the dragon scale and say the opening rhyme, her mouth stays shut throughout this shot of the first half.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This was never mentioned, but Colombian hot chocolate contains a soft cheese like mozzarella, the same kind of cheese used for pizza and fried cheese sticks.
  • It is never mentioned if the spare clothes Emmy gave to Enrique actually belonged to her or to her father when he was her age, but they couldn't have been Max's because he is smaller than Emmy and Enrique, which means any clothes fitting Max would be too small for Enrique.