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The Big Cake Mix-Up
Season: 1
Production code: 26b
Broadcast number: 26b
Written by:
Jeffrey Scott
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
January 24, 2000
Paired with
"Crash Landings"

The Big Cake Mix-Up is the second segment of the twenty-sixth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


The gang decides to bake a cake when they agree to enter a cake-baking contest, in which the first place prize is a cookbook, and the gang is desperate to win it for Quetzal. However, after the gang gets disappointed by not winning first place in the cake-baking contest and can't receive the cookbook, Quetzal reminds them he likes eating cake better than cooking.


Emmy and Max head to Dragon Land to help their friends in the Cake baking contest, in which the first place prize is a cookbook they plan to win for Quetzal. Once the kids arrive, Zak and Wheezie pop out with a recipe for their mom’s Dragonberry carrot cake. The recipe required a box of cake mix, 3 eggs, a bunch of carrots, a bottle of milk and 2 cups of dragon berries.

The gang goes out to get the ingredients. Unfortunately, they ended up getting the same thing: eggs. So they decide to try again, but this time, they’d plan ahead of time so they don’t get the same thing twice. Ord goes to get the dragonberries, and Max tags along (to make sure he doesn’t eat them all), Emmy and Cassie go to get the carrots and since they already have plenty of eggs, Zak and Wheezie go to get the milk and cake mix.

Once they had everything, they all went down to the knuckerhole to get to work. Emmy helps to wash the dragonberries and carrots first while Wheezie pours the cake mix into the bowl. However, the dust from the mix makes Ord sneeze, thus making a big mess.

Zak declares that things aren’t working and they need to decide who’ll do what. To do that, Zak gets put in charge as the chef and the gang decides to go one step at a time. First, Wheezie pours the cake mix (seeing as though Zak's got an extra box of cake mix) into a tiny bowl. But before they can move on, they need to transfer it into a bigger bowl, or everything will spill and make an even bigger mess. Next, Max helps to pour in the milk, with a bit of help from Ord so he doesn’t spill it on the table or on the ground. Next came the eggs. Emmy helped with the first one, but Wheezie did the other two in a more ‘egg-citing’ way. With the eggs done, the next step was the carrots grated into tiny pieces. But since they aren’t allowed to use anything sharp, because Zak and Wheezie's mom don't let them do so, since they can cut themselves, Ord tells the gang that his sister showed him how to grind things in a special way, and uses his tail to grind them up instead.

Finally, Zak tells Emmy to put in the dragonberries. But they soon discovered they were nowhere to be found. As they expected, Ord ate them all. And with the cake contest starting soon, Zak gets angry and says they don’t have enough time to get any more dragonberries, so instead, Wheezie suggests to use popcorn to replace the dragonberries.

With everything in the bowl, they all stirred it up and were ready to pour it into a baking pan. Unfortunately, they don’t have one big enough. So instead, they pour it into 3 different-sized pans to make it into a triple layer cake. With all that done, then came time to bake it. But none of them are allowed to use the oven without a grownup, so Wheezie calls their mom for help.

Finally, the contest has started and everyone is desperately waiting for the winner to be announced. However, their cake ends up winning second place, leaving the group disappointed, since they can't win the cookbook they were planning to give to Quetzal. But Quetzal assures them that it’s okay, as there’s something he likes even better than cooking: eating cake.

Max and Emmy then arrive home, feeling full from all the cake. But there was one thing they hadn’t planned on: they ate so much cake, they were too full to eat dinner.



The Big Cake Mix-Up (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Zak: But Mommy never lets us use anything sharp, because we might cut ourselves.

Home Video release[]




  • Ord said he has a sister in this episode, but in "It Happened One Nightmare", he said he didn't have any brothers or sisters (and thus is the only child in his family), so this episode is misleading.
  • Earlier, Zak is the one reading the recipe, including how many eggs are needed for it; however, when Max and Ord get a basket of eggs from the latter's cave, Max mentions that Wheezie said they only needed three eggs. Did he misremember who said so?
  • When Max and Emmy say the rhyme to go back home, neither of them are holding anything. But once they arrive in the playroom, Emmy is seen holding a mixing bowl.
  • When Ord said he couldn't help himself from eating the dragonberries, he spoke clearly. In reality though, talking with your mouth full (which is rude and disrespectful, as well as disgusting) will make your words sound very confusing, and it might even make some of the food spill out, especially when lowering your face downward.
  • Even though the gang is disappointed by not winning first place in the cake-baking contest, especially Zak, he is seen smiling when saying, "We didn't come in first.", even though he's not happy.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Moral: When making a cake or any other baked goods (like biscuits and muffins), it’s important to follow the recipe step by step, otherwise you’ll end up with a big mess.
  • This is the second episode where everyone gets the same thing when gathering supplies (which in this case is eggs). The first was in "A Kite For Quetzal."
  • In real life, when baking cakes (or many kinds of baked goods like yeast breads, batter breads like banana, biscuits, muffins, or cupcakes), whatever pan you bake it in has to be greased and floured on the inside, so that the product won't stick.
    • Of course, in the case of muffins or cupcakes, a good substitute for greasing and flouring would be paper muffin cups.
  • In real life, popcorn would not have been a good ingredient in any baked goods at all, because not all of the kernels will get popped, and unpopped kernels are bad for anyone's teeth, and trying to get however few remain popped will burn the others, giving off a very bad taste to the entire concoction.
  • The song that the gang sings as they are mixing up the cake batter is sung to the tune of the bridge for "I've Been Working on the Railroad."
  • Also in real life, it's not safe to be on top of a table, especially for a four-year-old like Max.
  • Part of the cooking scene involving Max and Ord was reused and mentioned as a fun memory in "Remember The Pillow Fort."