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The Big Sleepover
The Big Sleepover-All 74 of them
Season: 1
Production code: 7b
Broadcast number: 7b
Written by:
Bob Carrau
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 21, 1999
Paired with
"The Giant of Nod"

The Big Sleepover is the second segment of the seventh episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


Zak and Wheezie are having a sleepover, but Cassie's afraid to go. Bringing something familliar from home helps, especially when she finds out how much fun sleepovers really are.


Emmy has just sung a lullaby to her doll Lupita, but Max comes in playing kazoo music. Emmy shushes him because Lupita is sleeping, so Max decides that they should go to Dragon Land. Emmy accepts this deal, and they do leave.

Max and Emmy then arrive to all of their dragon friends (except Cassie) at Zak and Wheezie's knuckerhole, because that is where they will be having a sleepover. All of them are wearing slippers, and Ord has brought over a sleeping bag (which he accidentally puts on top of Max and Emmy), and two snacks: a (presumably submarine) sandwich before bed and a slice of pepperoni pizza afterward. Zak allows them to come over, and Wheezie adds for them to even sleep over. Emmy wishes they could, but they have to go home. Zak has come to the conclusion that Cassie is not coming. Ord presumes that she is scared, much to Max's disbelief, though (upon Emmy's questioning) he has never been on one himself. Emmy, knowing how it feels to be scared to sleep away from home due to earlier memories, decides to talk to Cassie.

Emmy visits Cassie's cave, and Cassie is upstairs, worried about the sleepover due to having never slept away from her family before. Emmy suggests taking some of her favorite things with her to remind her of home. She picks a stack of books. Emmy suggests just one. Cassie is torn. Then she tries a stack of pillows, but again, that's too many. She does, however, get some sort of miniature photo album (only it is not in book form) of her whole family. It is a lot of pictures, but it is a small item bound together, so Emmy allows it.

At the sleepover, all the guests are bouncing on Zak and Wheezie's bed, but Zak's alarm goes off, meaning it's almost bedtime. The rest are dismayed, especially Ord because he hasn't made dragon corn yet, so he does. Cassie is pleased by it. Zak asks if they are even a little tired. Max says no, so Wheezie suggests playing the dizzy game, which means that everyone spins around and around until he or she gets dizzy (including Zak, who is, however, not enjoying it). Max accidentally bumps into Emmy, and Ord bumps into the wall, making the rest of the dragons fall back onto a table full of stuffed animals, making them all fall. Zak annoyedly asks if they could please get ready for bed. Zak and Wheezie's father asks if everything is fun and wild for them. Wheezie tells him it is. Then their mother reminds them that if they (the twins and their guests) need anything, they are just a holler away down the hall, much to Zak's gratitude. Just hearing Zak and Wheezie's parents prompts Cassie to take out her photo album, which makes her miss her parents (and her brothers and sisters), so Wheezie helps her call them. Cassie's father answers. She checks to see if they miss her, which they do, but he suggests staying a little longer and having fun with her friends. She promises she will. She only feels a little better. Zak says to think "sleep." Max suggests a pillow fight, much to Zak's dismay. Cassie is hesitant, as she doesn't want to miss all the fun, but she still misses her family and wants to go home. Wheezie begs her not to go, and Ord finishes foreshadowing a big breakfast in the morning, like pancakes, waffles, toast, and jelly. Cassie still doesn't feel like she can stay asleep all the way till morning. Wheezie suggests playing all night long until the sun comes up, but Zak doesn't like this idea at all. Emmy suggests Cassie that she will do a half sleepover, meaning that she could stay and have as much fun as possible for the first half, and go home with Emmy and Max for the second half when everyone else is asleep. Zak approves of that one, then he is about to head for bed, but Cassie stops him by starting another pillow fight. Unfortunately, when Cassie throws her pillow at one of the stalactites at the top, the pillow breaks and feathers fall down, much to Wheezie's amusement and Zak's annoyance, especially when one lands on his nose, so he manages to blow it off, instead of sneezing, or taking it off with his hand. Max tosses the pillow at Ord's tail, which it swings it back at him, causing him to crash into Cassie, then Emmy, and finally, the twins, then the human children and Cassie started laughing, but Zak, naturally, gets irritated and asks, "Is this a sleepover or an earthquake?".

Later, the gang are doing shadow puppets, with Zak holding up a lantern with a lightning bug for a light. Ord has taken a turn, and Emmy correctly guesses that his first hand shadow puppet is a bunny. When Ord does a second, Cassie correctly guesses a rhyme bird. Before Ord can go again, Zak gets irritated because he promised the bird was absolutely the last one. Nevertheless, Ord makes that promise again for this one, and he sets the lantern on a wall, and makes a boat shadow. Max is impressed, though no one guesses. Max takes a turn. No one knows what that shadow puppet is, so Max reveals (upon Zak asking) that it's a rock. The twins' father tells them it's five minutes till bedtime. Zak is excited about this, but Wheezie is dismayed. The twins and Ord start brushing their teeth (actually, the twins use their toothbrushes to brush each other's teeth). Ord then plumps his special pillow. Zak makes sure his pillow doesn't have wrinkles, the same as Wheezie, then they get into their bed. Cassie rolls up her sleeping bag, since it was decided she wouldn't stay the whole night. She thanks Zak and Wheezie for her half-sleepover. Max and Emmy have to leave, too. Although, this is obviously false, Max denies being tired. The children and Cassie bid the rest of the gang good night, but Zak has already fallen asleep. Ord puts on a pair of earmuffs to keep Zak's snoring out of his ears. Cassie's dragon badge glows from trying her half-sleepover, which she is proud of. She decides to try a whole sleepover next time, and Max decides to try a half school day, to which Emmy wishes him good luck. Cassie then says good night to the children and departs to her home with her things.

Once Max and Emmy have gone home, too, Emmy starts to remind Max to be quiet around a sleeping Lupita, then she finds out that he is asleep, too, on her chair. She puts a blanket over him (though it doesn't cover his left foot).



The Big Sleepover (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Emmy: Bye, everybody!
  • Max: Night!
  • Ord: Good night, Max!
  • Max: Good night, Ord!
  • Cassie: Good night, Wheezie!
  • Wheezie: Good night, Cassie!
  • Emmy: Good night, Zak! Zak?

Home Video release[]




  • Additionally, when Cassie says, "Still too much?" upon bringing out her favorite pillows, it is grammatically incorrect. "Much" is for mass nouns, like "sugar" or "television (viewing)." Since pillows are in quantity, the correct way would be "Still too many?"

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Moral: Sleeping away from home for the first time can be scary sometimes and it’s okay to feel homesick. But try to think of ways to have fun and take something with you to remind you of home.
  • Cassie is shown to live in a tree made to resemble a castle in this episode.
  • This is the second time Max and Emmy are in their pajamas throughout the whole episode, including their visit to Dragon Land, the first being "Zak's Song," but the first where Emmy wears slippers, and as usual, her hair is tied in a ponytail.
  • At the end of this episode, Max sits in Emmy's seat instead of his own.
  • The lullaby Emmy sings to Lupita is set to the tune of "Brahms' Lullaby."
  • Ord is the only one who slept over at Zak and Wheezie's sleepover.
  • Footage from this episode was used on the show's Sprout Diner webisode, "Dragon Tales Tortilla Treat" and Ty Olsson reprises his role as Ord as he rerecords and loops his lines.
  • During the tooth-brushing scene, Zak and Wheezie use their own respective toothbrushes to brush each other's teeth. In real life, it is not a good idea to share toothbrushes with anyone because germs will spread.
  • Contrary to an infamous and inappropriate internet meme depicting Ord taking out his sleeping bag, his sleeping bag is actually green.
  • This is the first episode to show Cassie's Dragon Badge glowing.
  • In this episode, Max and Emmy don't giggle. Instead, while Lupita is in bed, Emmy puts Max to bed, too.