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The Fury (voiced by Terry Klassen) is the main antagonist of "The Fury Is Out On This One" and a creature from Dragon Land.

Physical Appearance[]





The Fury is a small blue creature trapped in a container resembling a pine cone. Only an angry species can release him. He grows larger when they who released him gets angry in his presence. The only way to defeat the Fury is for the original species to calm down, causing the Fury to shrink. When small again, the Fury can be recaptured.


Season 1[]


  • The Fury is just like the Rhino in the film adaptation of Roald Dahl's novel James and the Giant Peach. Both use a negative feeling as a weapon: anger for the Fury, and fear for the Rhino.
    • In the case of the Rhino, the more someone is afraid of it, the stronger it gets. When whoever fears it gets over that fear and is no longer afraid of it, it gets weaker to the point of non-existence, as was the case with James Trotter.
    • As for the Fury, the angrier someone is, the bigger he gets. When whoever is angry and responsible for releasing him calms down, he shrinks,
  • He is also like the White Lie from the Powerpuff Girls episode "Lying Around the House" and Fib from the VeggieTales episode "Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space," as they both get stronger from a vice (bad habit), and weaker from the opposite.
    • Both the White Lie and the Fib use lies from someone else as a weapon; the more lies someone tells, the bigger, stronger, and more dangerous they both get.
    • Again, the Fury uses someone's anger as a weapon.
    • All three can only be defeated and shrunken by those responsible (which would be all three Powerpuff Girls and Professor Utonium for the White Lie, Junior Asparagus for Fib, and, again, Max for the Fury), and only by doing the opposite (telling the truth and admitting the lies for the White Lie and Fib, and calming down for the Fury).
    • The difference is that unlike the White Lie and Fib, the Fury cannot be shrunken to disappearance, only to being small enough to fit into the pod he had been trapped in.