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The Mefirst Wizard
Season: 2
Production code: 1b
Broadcast number: 1b
Written by:
Jim Fisher
Jim Staahl
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
June 4, 2001
Paired with
"Lucky Stone"

The Mefirst Wizard is the second segment of the first episode of the second season of Dragon Tales.


The gang builds an obstacle course, but they can’t decide who gets to go first. Their arguing about them all wanting to go first at the same time results in summoning a selfish two-headed wizard named Mefirst from a nearby pond, who ruins their playtime on taking all of the turns on the obstacle course and refusing to give them their turn to play on it. Now, the gang must recite a chant to send Mefirst back to the pond he came out of and let them play on their obstacle course.


Back at home, it is so windy that Emmy and Max cannot fly their kite. The dragons call them over, and Ord is shown splashing in a puddle that was left from a rainstorm, which also left a rainbow. The dragons have almost built an obstacle course, which consists of (in chronological order) a balance beam from Ord, a tunnel (from a hollow log) from Zak, a vine (which is not natural) from Wheezie, and a musholine from Cassie (bouncing on that was required because flying is not allowed on the course). Max has trouble saying the word "obstacle." Emmy decides just the thing to add: the rainbow. She and Max each take an end and turn the rainbow into a slide and then set it between Wheezie's vine and Cassie's musholine, and then she decides that after any player swings on Wheezie's vine, they are to slide down her and Max's rainbow slide and then bounce on Cassie's musholine. The group argues over who gets a turn first, only to hear two male voices taking turns on saying a sentence asking if someone said their name. Then a waterspout (that's a tornado on water) carries the source of the voice: a two-headed wizard, and brings them on shore. They introduce themselves as Mefirst the Wizard and thank the gang for inviting them to play, and they keep taking all the turns again and again no matter what.

The group turns to Quetzal who explains that Mefirst is a two-headed wizard who is selfish because he doesn't know how to take turns. He explains how to get rid of him: to say the following chant, "Mefirst, Mefirst, go away. That's not the way friends play." Not only that, but because "Mefirst" is really two words, the group must each say two words of the chant.

Back at the course, Cassie suggests lining up according to height, from shortest to tallest. Ord is dismayed because that means he'd always be last. So Wheezie suggests the opposite, much to Max's dismay because that means he'd always be last. Emmy decides on the perfect solution: whoever drew the shortest stick would say the first "Me-first." That someone turned out to be Cassie. Max decides that for the second "Me-first," someone would have to compete to see whose stone would go the closest to a big rock. He gives a stone to everyone except Cassie: a red one to Wheezie, a blue one to Zak, a white one with black spots to Ord (actually, he chose that), a green one to Emmy (actually, she chose that), and kept the yellow one to himself. The farthest is the green rock, so Emmy gets the second "Me-first." Next, Ord mixed the stones up in his pouch, and whichever remainder draws the spotted stone gets to say, "Go away." Ord, being the one holding the stones, doesn't draw. Zak, Wheezie, and Max draw, and for Zak and Wheezie, it was the same stones they were assigned for the second round (again, blue for Zak and red for Wheezie), and it is Max who draws the spotted stone, so he gets to say, "Go away." Next round, when the stones are back in Ord's pouch, Ord is asked to draw, and this time he draws the spotted stone, so he gets to say, "That's not." After Emmy counts each pair, that leaves Zak and Wheezie. Wheezie suggests a fire-breathing contest. Zak says the problem is her mouth is bigger. They argue, much to Emmy and Max's dismay. Cassie has a solution: to toss a coin that had a dragon head on one side and a dragon tail on the other. Wheezie calls heads, and Cassie tosses the coin. The side with the tail is up, so it is Zak who gets to say, "the way," which leaves Wheezie with "friends play." Finally, the gang is ready. Each member of the gang says his or her pair of words in the chant, but after Zak says his pair and before Wheezie says hers, both heads of Mefirst shouts, "Oh, no!" And then the same waterspout from earlier take him back into the puddle. Finally, the gang are ready for the obstacle course, but decide not to say, "Me first" this time, as they don't want that wizard back. When Max states this, he finally succeeds in saying "obstacle," which Emmy acknowledges. They then decide to take turns on the course in the same order they said their parts... and they repeat their words as they get on. Cassie and Emmy both say their "Me-firsts" while bouncing on the former's musholine, Max says, "Go away" while sliding down his and Emmy's rainbow slide, Ord says, "That's not" while swinging on Wheezie's vine, Zak says, "the way" as he and Wheezie enter his tunnel, and Wheezie says, "friends play!" as they exit it.

Soon after, Max and Emmy go home, and the wind has lowered in pressure, so the children decide to go outside and fly their kite. Emmy jokingly calls first dibs, but they both go out.



The Mefirst Wizard (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Cassie: "Mefirst,"
  • Emmy: "Mefirst,"
  • Max: "Go away."
  • Ord: "That's not,"
  • Zak: "The way,"
  • Mefirst the Wizard (in unison): "OH NO!!!"
  • Wheezie: "Friends play!"

Home Video release[]




  • TBA

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • While it's natural to want to go first during a game, fighting for your turn only causes trouble. It's best to wait your turn and let someone else have a go before your turn comes, and also let someone else have a go after your turn is over.
    • Sometimes you will go first, sometimes you will go last, or (if there are three or more) sometimes you may go somewhere in between. It's not about going first or last, it's about having fun and being a good sport.
    • Just taking all of the turns in a game and not letting anyone else have their turn only causes trouble. It's very important to also let other people have their turn in a game, or else it won't be fun for them.
  • Coincidentally, all the one-headed members of the gang take part (both when it comes to saying their pairs from the chant and when it comes to playing on the obstacle course) in alphabetical order, because Cassie goes first, then Emmy, Max, and Ord, but the order is over when Zak and Wheezie get their respective turns.
    • This order also puts all the boys in a row, but the turns begin and end with a girl dragon.
  • For someone who doesn't know how to take turns, ironically, both heads of the titular antagonist do take turns saying parts of a certain sentence (E.G. One head says, "I'm Me-first," and the other finishes with, "the wizard.")
  • The word "musholine" (the bouncy mushroom) is a portmanteau of the words "mushroom" and "trampoline." It makes sense because that mushroom is bouncy like a trampoline.
  • While, "that's not" does make two words, so that the turn-taking point of the chant works (two words per speaker), "that is not" makes the syllables on the second line equal to those of the first line, because "away," one of the words, is disyllabic, meaning it has two syllables, but the rest are monosyllabic, meaning they have one syllable each, and when the gang does say the chant together, they do say, "That is not the way friends play."