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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "The Mefirst Wizard" from season two, which aired on June 4, 2001.


  • [At Emmy and Max's windy house, Max stands at the playroom window with a kite.]
  • Max: Oh, no! It's too windy to fly my kite!
  • Emmy: [enters from the door] Our kite. Mom and Dad gave it to both of us.
  • Max: Oh, yeah. Our kite.
  • [Emmy puts the kite away; the secret drawer shines.]
  • Emmy: [gasps] Look, the dragons are calling us!
  • Max: Great! Let's go!
  • [She opens the drawer and takes out the magic dragon scale; they hold it.]
  • Emmy and Max: I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart.
  • [The wallpaper dragons spin around them and they are teleported to Dragon Land. They find Ord splashing in a pond nearby.]
  • Quetzal: This magical chant should send Mefirst back to his pond: "Mefirst, Mefirst, go away. That's not the way friends play".
  • Ord: That’s easy.
  • All: Mefirst, Mefirst, go away! That is not the way friends play!
  • Quetzal: But Mefirst is a two-word wizard. The chant will only work if each one of you says two of the words in it.
  • Emmy: I'm sure we can do that.
  • Quetzal: ¡Buena suerte!
  • Wheezie: Hmmm, how about a firebreathing contest. Longest flame goes next.
  • Zak: But you’ve got a bigger mouth!
  • Wheezie: Do not!
  • Zak: Do too!
  • Emmy: [sighs] Brothers.
  • Max: [sighs] And sisters.
  • Cassie: Mefirst!
  • Emmy: Mefirst!
  • Max: Go away!
  • Ord: That's not...
  • Zak: The way...
  • Mefirst (together): OH NO!
  • Wheezie: Friends play.