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The Shape of Things To Come
Season: 2
Production code: 16b
Broadcast number: 16b
Written by:
Jana King Kalichman
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 10, 2001
Paired with
"On Thin Ice"

The Shape of Things To Come is the second segment of the sixteenth episode of the second season of Dragon Tales.


When Zak’s dragon disk gets covered in gooey marshmallow, the gang takes it to crystal cave to get it cleaned. But before she can open up, they need to find 3 different shaped objects to fit in the door.


Max and Emmy are playing with some shape objects. Max has made a diamond by joining two triangles together. Emmy has used three others to make a dragon tail, and that reminds them both of Dragon Land, so they decide to go there.

Max and Emmy join in a game of dragon disc. Before Max can catch Zak's dragon disc, he accidentally trips backwards over a musholine, and misses the disc, which falls into Marshmallow marsh. Max fetches it with a stick and throws it back, but to Zak's disgust. He can't clean it off because, as Cassie points out, marshmallow marsh goo is almost impossible to clean up.

The gang turns to Quetzal, who reveals the place to go to: Crystal Cave. It has a magic door, and above it is a giant circular crystal. There is a fountain inside that would make anything look as bright and shiny as if it were new. The gang flies over. Max knocks on the door, much to its, uh, her pain. She explains that Crystal Cave is special, but the ticket for this entrance is not only to know your shapes, but to bring something in the shape of a circle, a square, and a triangle. After this plan, Emmy tells Zak and Wheezie to look for something in the shape of a triangle, she and Cassie will look for something in the shape of a square, and the remaining boys (Ord and Max) will look for something in the shape of a circle.

Zak despairs that his disc will be a messy mess forever, but Wheezie assures him otherwise, and then points out to some triangular-shaped flowers... at least they looked it from a distance... but when they get close, the flowers are heart-shaped, and they're called love blossoms. Zak explains what a triangle is like, as he demonstrates by taking out the musical instrument of the same name as the shape, and Wheezie points out that this is the shape. Excitedly, the twins return.

Back at Cassie's cave in her room, she and Emmy look for square things. Emmy tells her that her window is in the shape of a square, but it is too big. Cassie suggests one of her books, but Emmy shows her that it is actually a rectangle, because two of the sides are longer than the other two. When the girls see a square light, they find that Cassie's little brother has a mini square mirror. With his permission, Cassie borrows the mirror.

As for the boys, they look in Rainbow Canyon. Max observes a colorful worm, and Ord starts eating a star-shaped fruit (not like the real-life starfruit), and Max finds a wheel on a wheelbarrow (while watching the worm climb up it), but Ord tells him that it belongs to someone, and if they borrow the wheel, the wheelbarrow will be lopsided, and the owner won't be able to use it. They try stones by a river. It is hard to find any, but when Max finds a yellow stone that looks circular, he finds that to be too squarish on part of it and throws it in. That makes circular ripples on the river, but they cannot carry it. Max asks a sea-green lizard for permission to borrow his orange spots. He then sarcastically remarks that he can as soon as he lets him borrow his nose and walks away. They go to an eggplant tree, and Ord mentions that his mother makes the best scrambled eggplant for breakfast. Max observes they are "too round" and therefore wouldn't fit on the circle cutout on the door. He then observes a round and flat sign for the eggplant trees. They then take it, resolving to bring it back before anyone notices it is gone.

Zak and Wheezie put the triangle on the triangular hole, making Crystal laugh (as it tickles), and take it out once the cutout shrinks to the touch. Cassie does the same with Finn's mirror and takes it out. Ord gives the eggplant sign to Max, but he cannot fit it in. Emmy tells him it's not a circle. Max angrily tells her he knows his shapes, but Cassie says it's an oval, much to the boys' confusion. Emmy explains the difference: a circle is perfectly round no matter how much you turn it, but in an oval, some of the curves go longer than others. Zak despairs that his disk will never fly again, but Max points out that is a circle, and the girls and, eventually, Zak agree. He allows Max to take the disc and put it in that cutout. It shrinks and delights Crystal, as she enjoys either the flavor or the texture of the marshmallow goo. After Crystal opens up to the gang, Zak takes out the disc with his cloth. They see lots of gems, and then once Zak and Wheezie walk up to the crystal fountain, Wheezie takes the cloth off the disc, and Zak dips it into the crystal fountain, much to his joy.

Crystal commends the gang for knowing their shapes. Max summarizes that it's because shapes are everywhere, you just have to know where to look for shapes... and when he sees the eggplant sign at his feet, he adds to make sure not to get ovals mixed up with circles, much to the gang's amusement.

After Max and Emmy get home, Max points out that playing with all those shapes remind him of something. It is not the shapes they'd been playing with earlier as Emmy guesses, it is a big circle they are having for dinner: pizza.



The Shape of Things To Come (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • [Max and Ord are trying to find something flat to open Crystal the magic door to Crystal Cave --that being for a circle. Zak and Wheezie have used a triangle --percussion instrument-- for a triangle, while Emmy and Cassie have used Finn's mirror for a square. But as for Max and Ord, they need a circle. Max then is seen exploring the area looking for a flat item shaped like a circle. Soon he sees a young lizard --a preschool child lizard like Max himself-- with green skin and several round orange spots all over his body. As he approaches the lizard, he asks him if he can borrow one of his spots for a circle item.]
  • Max: [to the lizard] Excuse me, Mr. Lizard? May we borrow one of your spots? We'll bring it right back.
  • [The lizard taunts Max.]
  • Lizard: HA! Oh sure! As soon as you let me borrow your nose!
  • [The lizard laughs mockingly and he walks away. Max does not appreciate the lizard's joke. Then he pinches up his nose --trying to keep the lizard from borrowing it.]
  • Max: Ja. I mean, yeah. That's because shapes are everywhere. All you have to do is know where to look. [He sees the eggplant sign at his feet.] And make sure you don't get your ovals mixed up with your circles.
  • Max: Playing with all the shapes in Dragon Land reminded me of something.
  • Emmy: The shapes we were playing before?
  • Max: No, the big circle we're having for dinner: pizza.

Home Video release[]



  • We Can Solve It Together! (2003)


  • TBA

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • Shapes are everywhere in the world. You just gotta know where to look.
    • Some shapes that appear similar aren’t always exactly the same. They may be different shapes entirely.
  • This is the second episode the home rhyme wasn't heard upon returning home. The first of these is "Snow Dragons," and the third and last is "Puzzlewood."
  • In real life, there is such a thing as a starfruit, but only the ends (and any pieces cut width-wise) are star-shaped. A silhouette of a side-view would be oval-shaped. An also in real-life, eggplants are not spherical like those in Dragon Land, they are more pear-shaped.