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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "The Shape of Things To Come" from season one, which aired on September 10, 2001.


  • Crystal: To begin, you must know your shapes.
  • Max: I know my shapes.
  • Emmy: [points to each shape] Triangle, square, circle. Done. Open sesame.
  • Crystal: Not so fast! You not only need to know the names of the shapes. You need to find things that will fit in through the outlines of the shapes.
  • Max: You mean like a puzzle?
  • Crystal: Ja, ja, exactly! Find the shapes, put them in, und I’ll open up for sure.
  • Zak: You’re right, Wheezie! We’ve found a triangle! We’ve found a—
  • [but once they get close enough, they find out that the flowers are not actually triangles, but are instead hearts.]
  • Zak: [disappointed] Oh, a heart. These are love blossoms.
  • Wheezie: Well the heart shapes looked like triangles from far away.
  • Zak: But they’re not triangles. A triangle is perfectly straight on all three sides, like the musical instrument.
  • [Zak takes a musical triangle out of their pouch.]
  • Wheezie: Zaky! The triangle is-
  • Zak: (realizes) A triangle! Crystal Cave, here we come!
  • Cassie: What about this book? It’s a square…..right?
  • Emmy: It kinda looks like a square, Cassie. But see? (Points to each side) These two sides are longer than the other two. That makes it a rectangle. (Goes over to the table) A square has four sides that are all the same size, like the table top. Or like…….that.
  • [Emmy spots something on the wall. The girls try to catch it, but it keeps moving around. In reality, it turns out to be Cassie’s brother Finn shining a light on the wall with a little mirror.]
  • Emmy: That square is just a reflection from Finn’s toy mirror.
  • Cassie: [Realizing] Emmy! The mirror is a square! Right?
  • Emmy: Definitely.
  • Max: Ord! The wheels on the wheelbarrow are circles!
  • Ord: But Max, the wheelbarrow belongs to somebody. If we borrow the wheel, the whole thing will be lopsided and whoever owns it won’t be able to use it.
  • Max: Excuse me, Mr. Lizard? May we borrow one of your spots? We'll bring it right back.
  • Lizard: [rudely] HA! Oh sure! As soon as you let me borrow your nose!
  • [The lizard laughs mockingly and walks away. Max does not appreciate the lizard's joke. Then he covers up his nose, trying to keep the lizard from taking it.]
  • Ord: We have to find a circle we can bring back to Crystal Cave.
  • Max: Get ready to open, Crystal!
  • [Max tries putting the sign in the slot, but it doesn’t fit.]
  • Max: It’s not fitting!
  • Emmy: Uh, Max? That eggplant sign is not a circle.
  • Max: [frustrated] I know my shapes! It’s round! It’s……it’s………
  • Cassie: An oval.
  • Ord: Really? But if an oval is round and a circle is round, how do you tell the difference?
  • Emmy: A circle is perfectly round. No matter which way you turn a circle, it looks exactly the same. But ovals like the eggplant sign: [points to the sign] see? It’s longer this way than that way.