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To Fly With Dragons
Season: 1
Production code: 1a
Broadcast number: 1a
Written by:
Elana Lesser
Cliff Ruby
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 6, 1999
Paired with
"The Forest of Darkness"

To Fly With Dragons is the pilot episode of Dragon Tales, and as such, it is also the first segment of the very first episode.


A 6-year-old girl named Emmy and her 4-year-old little brother named Max move into a new house, where they find a magical dragon scale that transports them to Dragon Land, a place where they meet their new magical dragon friends, named Cassie, Ord, Zak and Wheezie the 2-headed dragon, and Quetzal.


The series begins with a shot of a moving van truck. Then we zoom to the left and see the outside of a two story house. In front of it, we see a 6-year old girl and her 4-year old little brother, known as Emmy and Max. Emmy proceeds Max to check the new house out, while Max insists that he does not like the new house, claiming that it's dumb. Emmy tells Max that their parents have a surprise for them when they go inside. They both enter the playroom, which they both discover that it's designed with a dragon tapestry on the wall, which Emmy points out from her dragon book. While briefly enjoying the new house while their parents are still unpacking, Max finds a secret drawer, which Max tries to open himself, but failed. Emmy helps him on the second try and then the drawer suddenly opens too far and Emmy and Max are pushed back by the recoil into an empty box.

Emmy and Max see the drawer opened, and discover an unknown case with a dragon pattern on it. She opens the case, and discovers an ancient magical dragon scale, similar to what she sees in her dragon book. Max insists that dragons aren't real, but Emmy maintains that she believes in them. With her hand and Max's on the scale, Emmy then recites an ancient text inscribed in the case that reads as, "I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart." Suddenly, the dragon tapestry on the wall comes to life and entangles Emmy and Max and warps them to another world.

While trying to figure out where they are, Emmy looks on the ground and collects a rock that changed color from blue to red. Max then collects an oddly shaped rock resembling a tooth that he called "pointy". Suddenly, Emmy calls Max's attention to two real dragons in the flying sky, known as Ord and Cassie. Both of them were looking for Ord's first tooth that he lost when Cassie calls Ord's attention to Emmy and Max on the ground. Cassie had read about human children in a book once. They both descend from the sky to greet Emmy and Max for the very first time.

While greeting each other, Ord asks Max if he won't bite him, which gave Max a good laugh. Cassie explains that they are in Dragon Land, and asks Emmy if dragons exist in their world, but only in fiction, not in real life. At that moment, Ord's stomach growls, so he looks through his pouch and takes out a handful of "Dragon Corn". Cassie drags Max and Emmy out of the way as Ord tosses the corn up in the air and breathes fire on the corn, which turns the corn to popcorn. All of the characters are happy for eating, but Ord is still not happy since he still has not found his tooth. Ord and Cassie then take off for Singing Springs, but pause when they learn that humans can't fly. Cassie then offers Emmy to ride on her back, and Ord then offers Max to ride on his back. Max begun to hesitate, fearing that he might not like it. After a split decision, Max goes with Ord, and all four of them take off for Singing Springs.

After arriving in Singing Springs, Ord goes to a nearby Knuckerhole and calls for Zak and Wheezie, a two-headed dragon who are ecstatic to see human children, but decline ever seeing Ord's tooth. They offer everyone to go inside the knuckerhole to see if it's there. After nearly making a mess in the knuckerhole, the gang head for the School in the Sky to see if Quetzal, their teacher, has seen Ord's tooth.

Quetzal is happy to see children in Dragon Land for the very first time in years. He takes the gang inside the school, where he tells the gang a story of a legendary dragon, who many years ago was lonely and wished to play with real children. The dragon sprinkled magic dust on her shiniest dragon scales, and blew them clear out of Dragon Land. When children were lucky enough to find one of her scales, they could visit Dragon Land anytime they wanted to. Emmy points out that she and Max must have found one of her scales, then Ord starts bawling over not finding his tooth. Ord then shows Quetzal the spot in his mouth where his tooth was. Max then reveals the "rock" he found earlier and gives it to Ord, which he takes as his missing tooth. He then thanks Max for finding his tooth.

Ord then takes his tooth into a case, which he explains to Emmy and Max that whenever a dragon loses a tooth, they get to make a wish. He blows his tooth, with his wish that Emmy and Max would always come to Dragon Land to play every day. Cassie, Zak & Wheezie were also for it, too. Quetzal then gives Ord a spare Dragon Scale that he could use to summon Max and Emmy to Dragon Land. By rubbing this scale, this would cause the scale at Max & Emmy's house to glow when their new friends want to play. But Emmy and Max did not know how to go home. Quetzal allows them to say their good-byes and teaches Emmy and Max the rhyme, "I wish, I wish, to use this rhyme, to go back home until next time". They both recite the phrase and were warped back home.

After arriving back home, Emmy and Max find the dragon scale back in its case, and are very excited to return to Dragon Land again. Then, their mom calls up from downstairs to ask how they like the new house. Emmy and Max acted like Wheezie while responded with "Loooooove it!" and laughed and giggled.



To Fly With Dragons (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Emmy: Wow! You talk!
  • Cassie: So do you!
  • Emmy: Yes! I'm Emmy, and this is my little brother Max.
  • Max: I'm not little, I'm big!
  • Ord: Aren't you coming?
  • Emmy: We can't fly.
  • Ord & Cassie: Can't fly?
  • Max: Whoa! This is better than my slide at home, Emmy!
  • Wheezie: Our cave is your cave.
  • Max: You go to school up in the sky?
  • Quetzal: ¡Que sorpresa! Children! Here in Dragon Land!
  • Quetzal: Sí. I came from México. (NOTE: The "E" has an accent because he said the Spanish name for Mexico.)
  • Max: So did my abuelita.
  • Wheezie: ♪Looooove it!♪
  • Zak: Me, too.
  • Mom: Emmy! Max! How do you like the new house?
  • Max & Emmy: (both) ♪Looooove it!♪

Home Video release[]



  • When Max and Emmy discover the playroom, there are a few scenes where the furniture appears intact instead of in boxes: When they first enter, when they discover the box with the dragon scale, and when the dragons on the wallpaper leap off the wall and spin around them to transport them to Dragon Land.
  • Ord is smiling when he tells Cassie they had better stay far away (from Max and Emmy), when she flies down ahead of him, he asks where she's going, she flies back, and drags him down with her.
  • The girls (Emmy and Cassie) are flying behind the boys (Max and Ord) when Emmy tells Max he can open his eyes now. How did she know he had his eyes closed when she wasn't where she could see his face?
  • In Quetzal's big storybook, the legendary dragon who left the golden scales is blue (albeit more lavender-like than Ord) with purple scales on her head and tail and a lighter purple on her underside and wings, and the unattached dragon scales she was carrying were saturated Kelly green. However, once she has flown out of the book, where she had been blue, she was a slightly sage-greenish gray, as were the scales she was carrying.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The scene where Max and Emmy say the rhyme to go home, was recycled later in "Quibbling Siblings."
  • Some of the scenes from this episode would be repeated but alternated in Season 3's episode "To Fly With A New Friend," where Enrique joins the cast.
  • This episode marks the pilot of the Dragon Tales series, and also is the show's very first episode.
  • During Ord Week, this episode aired with "Emmy's Dream House."
  • This episode title is based on the rhyme Max and Emmy recite while using a dragon scale to transport them to Dragon Land: "I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart."
  • At the end of this episode, Quetzal, the adult dragon teacher, gives the young dragons a dragon scale. This scale allows them to "call" Max and Emmy when they want to come to Dragon Land, which is something we see in later episodes (more often in Season 2). Or perhaps the opposite is true.
  • This marks the first time the main characters made their first appearance ever.
  • This is the first episode for Emmy and only episode for Max where they're seen outside their playroom in their universe. Emmy would later be seen there in My Emmy Or Bust.
  • The two girls in Quetzal's legend of the dragon scale (who were seen playing with a boy and the legendary dragon) would later appear again at the beginning of "Emmy's Dream House" building a tree house.