To Kingdom Come
To Kingdom Come
Season: 1
Production code: 103
Broadcast number: 3
Written by:
Bob Carrau
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 7, 1999
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To Kingdom Come is the third episode of Season 1 of Dragon Tales.


When Ord finds a wish shell and refuses to share, he wishes himself to "Kingdom Come", However when he wishes his friends there, the only way to leave is for Ord to share his dragonberry cupcake with Mr. Marmadune however once again, Ord refuses to share. Will Ord learn to share so he and his friends can make it for the beach party? Yeah! Finally, Ord jumps and makes a big splash in the ocean and makes Emmy and Max wet. Finally, Max, Emmy and their friends go swimming in the ocean just for fun. at the end, Max, Emmy and their friends made a huge splash and made Max and Emmy wet.


Max wears his swim trunks and the tank top in Kingdom Come.

Trivia & Notes

  • When Ord wishes his friends to Kingdom Come, they hadn't yet learned Monsieur Marmadune's name, but Emmy calls him by his name.
  • A few times in "To Kingdom Come", Mr. Marmadune acts as if his key is incredibly heavy for him, lifting it with both hands, but other times, he is able to lift the key past shoulder level using only one hand.
  • Based on his accent (and title), Monsieur Marmadune is a Frenchman.
  • "To Kingdom Come" is the first of five episodes on the "Adventures in Dragon Land" DVD and the first of three episodes on the video "Let's All Share."
  • During Ord Week, "To Kingdom Come" airs with "The Forest of Darkness" as the first half of episode #106W. The Dragon Tune for that episode is "Shake Your Dragon Tail."