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To Kingdom Come
To Kingdom Come
Season: 1
Production code: 2a
Broadcast number: 2a
Written by:
Bob Carrau
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 7, 1999
Paired with
"Goodbye Little Caterpoozle"

To Kingdom Come is the first segment of the second episode of the first season and third segment of the series of Dragon Tales.


Ord becomes selfish and refuses to share anything with his friends during a beach party, especially a wishing shell he finds and he ends up wishing himself and then the rest of the gang to a kingdom with no way out, since a selfish dragon named Monsieur Marmadune also refuses to share the key to let them out of the kingdom and return to the beach party before it ends. Ord must learn to share something with the selfish dragon in order for him to let them borrow the key and continue the beach party.


Emmy and Max are preparing to go to Dragon Land for a beach party. Emmy is digging in the closet looking for her sunglasses, and Max comes into the playroom looking for her when he accidentally gets clothes thrown in his face. Emmy finally finds her sunglasses on the bookshelf, and tells Max to quit goofing around (despite the fact she threw the clothes on him).

In Dragon Land, Cassie, Zak & Wheezie are collecting seashells to make necklaces when Wheezie finds one that's shaped (and flies) like a butterfly, and Ord is about to eat a Dragonberry Cupcake his mom made when Max and Emmy arrive. He hugs Max and Emmy and compliments Max's hat. He lets Ord try it on, and Ord likes it (despite being too small for him). Max then notices Ord's cupcake and wants to try it, but Ord refuses to share it with him, claiming it was made only for him by his mom.

While everyone else looks after the shells (including Max, who gets squirted by one), Ord comes across a highly reflective shell. Without missing a beat, Ord wishes he had a matching hat to what Max has, and suddenly, he gets his wish! The gang is awed by Ord discovering a Wish Shell. They all start wanting to try it out, with Max wanting to become more muscular, Wheezie wanting a louder singing voice - much to Zak's annoyance and wishing for ear plugs, Emmy for becoming the best soccer player in the world, and Cassie wanting books to read. However, Ord is not wanting to share the wish shell because he found it. Max angrily argues that he has already made a wish, only for Ord not to care about it. Emmy also suggests angrily that Ord should share it with them now, but Ord storms off...wishing he was at some other place where he didn't have to share with anyone. The shell then grants his wish, sending him away right in front of everyone!

The wish shell transports Ord to Kingdom Come, a resort hosted by Monsieur Marmadune, who explains that a dragon could eat, sleep, swim, play or whatever makes them happy. Feeling good, Ord intends to enjoy himself and go back to the beach party. Unfortunately, Monsieur Marmadune reveals that nobody can leave Kingdom Come. People can only go to Kingdom Come and not go home from Kingdom Come; hence its name.

Realizing he made a very big mistake, Ord wishes his friends were with him, and everyone is happy that Ord is okay, but Zak angrily reminds Ord that he could have made a wish to return to the beach instead of bringing them to be trapped with him. Ord tries to make another wish to go back, but the wish shell shatters in his hands! Ord thinks he broke the shell, but Cassie explains the wish shell only grants three wishes, and Ord has already used them all up. Even worse, the dragons can't fly out upon their attempt when a group of extra thick clouds blocks their way out! Emmy pleads with Monsieur Marmadune to show them the way, and he explains that the only way out is through the main gate, locked by a heavy key that he refuses to share because the key belongs to him.

Everyone is angry with Ord because they wouldn't be in this predicament if he'd only shared the wish shell in the first place. Cassie believes the only way to leave is for someone to share something with Monsieur Marmadune in exchange for him sharing his key. The gang all sternly look at Ord, who does not understand why. Zak reminds Ord that he brought them to Kingdom Come, and Ord agrees that only he can get them out. Max offers to help, and they both talk to Monsieur Marmadune, who is grilling broccoli for dinner.

Ord asks if he could share his key with the gang if Ord shared something first. and Monsieur Marmadune obliges. Ord initially offered his fishing pole with a caught fish, but to no avail as it was too smelly. Ord then offers his basketball, but Monsieur Marmadune explains his sport is badminton. The only thing Ord reluctantly has left is his cupcake, which entices Monsieur Marmadune, explaining he hadn't had one since he was young. He asks Ord for it, but Ord still refuses to share it, and thus, the key is not shared.

The gang is disappointed that Ord has failed, as Ord finds sharing too hard. Cassie and Emmy remark that Ord doesn't have to share all of his cupcake, and to try sharing some of it. Ord decides to try it out, and returns to Monsieur Marmadune. He offers some of his cupcake in exchange for the key, which Monsieur Marmadune obliges. Ord then breaks off a tiny piece, which is not enough. He breaks off more, and more until Ord ultimately splits the cupcake in half. At that point, Monsieur Marmadune is satisfied, causing Ord's Dragon Badge to glow because Ord found the willpower to share, and to share properly!

Monsieur Marmadune gives the key to Ord, and the gang make it back to the beach party before it ends, where the gang and other dragons are having fun. Ord is roasting marshmallows, and is about to eat them all for himself...until he shares with his friends. Max and Emmy also have some for themselves, before subsequently returning home. Upon returning, Max wipes off some melted marshmallow fluff on Emmy, who is instantly grossed out, but Max explains he was just "sharing."



To Kingdom Come (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Wheezie: Love-a-dove-dove it!!!
  • Emmy: Yuck! That's gross!
  • Max: Hey, I'm just sharing.

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  • When Ord wishes his friends to Kingdom Come, they hadn't yet learned Monsieur Marmadune's name, but Emmy calls him by his name.
  • A few times in "To Kingdom Come", Mr. Marmadune acts as if his key is incredibly heavy for him, lifting it with both hands, but other times, he is able to lift the key past shoulder level using only one hand.
  • Emmy's line "Ord!" when he disappears to Kingdom Come incorrectly reused Cassie dialogue from her line, "Ord, you found a wish shell!" as they are not voiced by the same person.
  • It is never said or shown where the gang should leave Monsieur Marmadune's key when they are finished unlocking the gate. Apparently, nobody thought to ask him, nor did he instruct this.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Moral: Sharing isn't always easy, but when you try at it, wonderful things happen and it makes everyone happy.
  • Based on his accent (and title, as "Monsieur" means "Mr." in French), Monsieur Marmadune is French.
  • "To Kingdom Come" is the first of five episodes on the "Adventures in Dragon Land" DVD and the first of three episodes on the video "Let's All Share."
  • During Ord Week, "To Kingdom Come" airs with "The Forest of Darkness" as the first half of episode #106W. The Dragon Tune for that episode is "Shake Your Dragon Tail."
  • This is the first episode in which Max and Emmy are seen without their regular clothes.
  • This is the first time Quetzal doesn't appear, nor is the School in the Sky shown.
  • This is the first time someone becomes selfish and refuses to share with the rest of the gang.
  • Even though Cassie said that she was just sad that Ord doesn't want to share with them, when Ord later asks "Yeah, who's got something to share?" she makes a scornfully frowning look at him along with the others; this may be that she is actually trying to hide the fact that she WAS indeed angry, but just didn't want to tell him that.