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Treasure Hunt
Season: 1
Production code: 21b
Broadcast number: 21b
Written by:
Cliff Ruby
Elana Lesser
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
January 17, 2000
Paired with
"Do Not Pass Gnome"

Treasure Hunt is the second segment of the twenty-first episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


The gang goes on a treasure hunt in Dragon Land. However, when they get to the treasure trove, they get trapped inside, and the door won't open. What are they going to do now?


In the playroom, Max tries to get Emmy to guess what he has. She incorrectly guesses a frog, but he reveals what he has: a red toy pick-up truck, which he adds to his collection and pushes toward a wall to crash and imitates the sound of an explosion. Emmy says her storybook says dragons collect stuff, too, like treasure, such as jewels.

Meanwhile, at the School in the Sky, Quetzal is letting out his dragon students (the main four and two others) for the day, but the dragons crash and fall upon seeing Max and Emmy arrive. When Emmy asks Quetzal where the dragons keep their treasures, based on her book. It is Cassie who answers: the treasure trove, and she checks with Quetzal. He confirms it. He reveals that dragons have been keeping their treasure in a special cave deep down in knuckerholes. Emmy asks if they can go see it, and Zak adds that he and Wheezie know where everything is in the knuckerholes. The gang asks if they can see. Quetzal agrees on the condition they are careful and put the treasures back. They promise it. Quetzal reveals then that the trove comes with a big magic door with six holes, shown, from left to right: two rectangular holes in the left column, two circular holes in the middle column, and two triangular holes in the right column. He instructs them to put the following jewels in the proper holes in the proper order from right to left: two red rubies in the triangular holes, then two white pearls in the circular holes, and finally, two gold bricks in the rectangular ones. He explains that this code will cause the door to open. The gang gets excited. Quetzal gives the rubies to Cassie and Emmy, the pearls to Max and Ord, and the bricks to Zak and Wheezie. They are about to leave, but Quetzal stops them to tell them that when they've opened the door, to take the jewels inside with them, so that they'll be able to get out when they're ready to do so. Cassie promises for the gang.

The gang then enters a knuckerhole, starting with Zak and Wheezie, then the rest of the girls holding hands, and the rest of the boys (with Ord picking up Max). They slide and bounce down. At the last stop, Wheezie tells them (too late) to stop, much to Zak's chagrin. Emmy is the first to spot the magic door. In the right order, she and Cassie put their rubies in the triangular holes, then Max and Ord put their pearls in the circular holes, and then Zak and Wheezie put their gold bricks in the rectangular holes. The door opens, but the gang forgets to take the jewels with them. Cassie asks the others if there wasn't something Quetzal told them to do. They realize too late what the final instruction was when the door closes. Max and Zak panic about them being stuck in the trove. They hear another voice, and they find out it is from the magic door. Max is surprised to hear the door talk. He introduces himself as Woody. He regrets that he cannot open up for them. This is because there are no jewels in the proper holes. He explains, upon Zak despairing about eternal entrapment (being trapped in the trove forever), and Emmy asks Woody if there is another way like there's "got to be." He explains the whereabouts of the jewels: that the rubies are in a carved dragon head, the pearls are in a (big) fountain, and the gold bricks are in a gold treasure chest. The gang leave.

The gang, forgetting Woody's instructions, go to check treasure chests, as Zak believes the treasure chest (he doesn't specify which one) has the rubies. He and Wheezie check a green treasure chest, as Wheezie is interested in anything green (including "green cheese"). Instead, however, is a "funny-looking ruby" (which is actually a giant-sized fish-shaped jack-in-the-box), which makes Zak and Wheezie fall back for fear (Zak's especially) of getting hit in the head with it. Ord then checks a red one, but all that's inside is a bunch of bubbles. Wheezie supposedly remembers what they are supposed to do, only to forget what it was.

The gang then returns to Woody, and they decide to each take part of the directions. Woody approves of this idea, but before he can give his directions, the gang shush each other. Woody gives his directions again, this time, one location at a time. Cassie and Emmy decide to remember where the rubies are, and Ord and Max volunteer to remember where the pearls are. That leaves Zak and Wheezie with the gold bricks. Wheezie questions, "Not green?" Zak reminds her that Woody said that the gold bricks are in the gold treasure chest, which Woody confirms.

The girls (not including Wheezie) fly over, looking for a carved dragon head. When Emmy asks where they'll find a dragon head, Cassie jokes that it is hers. Emmy does addition when Cassie says that one red ruby for her, and Emmy adds one for her, making two.

The boys (not including Zak) arrive at a fountain. It is a smaller fountain, but there are no pearls, as Max points out. Ord knows, but he's just thirsty, and he drinks. However, Max points to the bigger fountain, and they go there to fetch a pearl for each of them.

Back to the twins, they look for and find a gold treasure chest. Zak puts on a football helmet in case of a repeat of the "funny-looking ruby" incident, but he and Wheezie open it, and they actually find gold bricks inside, and each takes one.

The group flies back. Woody is in the middle of instructing the gang, but they remember when to put which jewels in which holes. With Emmy leading, she and Cassie put the rubies into the triangular holes, Max and Ord put the pearls into the circular holes, and finally, Zak and Wheezie put the gold bricks into the rectangular holes. Woody commends their knowledge of it and opens up, and the gang leaves the trove.

Emmy and Max arrive home. Max admits that the treasure trove was cool, but says that he still likes his trucks better. When Emmy asks him why, he answers by pushing one of his toy trucks over a ramp he built with some of the blocks, and crashes it into a block tower. Emmy just shakes her head.



Treasure Hunt (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

Quetzal: Adios, niños. See you mañana.

Wheezie: To the treasure trove or bust!

(The magic door --which guards the treasure trove-- grows eyes, nose, and a mouth and comes to life --becoming a talking door. In other words, "The magic door is an entity".)
Woody: Oh dear, oh gracious! I am closed up tight. Aren't I?
Max: You talk?
Woody: Of course. Pleased to meet you all. I'm Woody.
(The magic door's name is "Woody".)
Woody: I wish I could open up for you. I really do.
Emmy: Why can't you Woody?
(Woody --after Emmy asks this-- tells Emmy his reason --after she has asked him why he can't open.)
Woody: Well, you see, I can only open when the jewels are in their proper holes.
(By that, Zak means that he and the rest of the gang are going to be stuck in the treasure trove for infinity if they do not find the treasures --the jewels/gems-- to unlock the door from the other side.)
(In Woody's directions.)
Woody: (to Zak and Wheezie) And you two must be getting the gold bricks from the gold treasure chest.
Wheezie: Not green?
Zak: Woody said the gold bricks are in the GOLD treasure chest!

Emmy: Where, oh where, is a dragon head?

Cassie: (pointing to her own) Right here. (giggles)

Cassie: One red ruby for me...

Emmy: ... and one for me, makes two.

Ord: One fountain comin' up.

Max: But I don't see any white pearls.

Ord: I know. I'm just thirsty. Glug glug glug glug glug glug...

Wheezie: Eeny meeny miney mold. Find a treasure chest that's gold.

Woody: Absolutely, positively, CORRECT!

Emmy: You like your trucks better? Why?

Max: Vroom! That's why!

(Emmy just smiles and shakes her head no.)

Home Video release[]



  • On the way back out of the trove, the order for which jewels go in which holes is followed, as the girls (minus Wheezie) put the rubies in the triangular holes, the boys (minus Zak) put the pearls in the circular holes, and Zak and Wheezie put the gold bricks in the rectangular ones; however, when Woody commends them for the correct filling and is about to open, the holes are empty before he opens.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Moral: Listen carefully to instructions. When there’s a lot of remember, try having everyone remember a small part of them to make things easier.
  • This is an episode where Emmy and Max do not laugh at the end. Instead, Emmy just shakes her head when Max shows her why he likes his toy trucks better than riches.
  • Upon entering the Treasure Trove, Wheezie puts her gold brick in the top rectangular hole, and Zak puts his in the bottom one. When exiting, it is Zak who puts his brick in the top hole, while Wheezie puts hers in the bottom. Other than that, both times, the human children put their jewels in the bottom holes, and their respective best friends put theirs in the top holes.
  • The jewels are like both keys and a combination code. They are like keys because you have to put the jewels in the holes of their respective shapes (rubies in the triangular holes, pearls in the circular ones, and gold bricks in the rectangular ones), just like you have to have the right kind of key for a certain lock, and because they have to be taken out and carried with them until they are ready to leave, and they are like a combination code because you have to do it in a certain order (in this case, fill them from right to left like reading backwards or in languages like Arabic and Hebrew).
  • During the closing rhyme, Max and Emmy only say, "I wish" once. Normally, both rhymes have that clause used twice in a row.
  • It is apparent that Emmy is in first grade because she finishes an addition problem when she and Cassie get the rubies from the carved dragon head.