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Treasure Hunt Maze is an online Dragon Tales game that was featured on the PBS Kids website during Dragon Tales' airtime.


The player must direct a dragon through the maze by collecting magical things in the correct order. Arrows will appear next to the dragon, and clicking on an arrow moves the dragon in that direction. The magical things must be collected in a certain order to progress. There are three rounds. There are four versions of the game that let the player play with different dragons (either Cassie, Ord, Zak and Wheezie, or Quetzal).

Original description[]

Children love the challenge of following clues to reach a goal.

In this game, your child guides a dragon through a maze gathering magical objects. Following instructions is important; the objects must be gathered in the correct order! As the hunt progresses, the mazes become more challenging and there are more objects to find.

The objects appear in different places along the maze each time, inviting your child to return again and again for "new" treasure hunts.

To play the "Treasure Hunt Maze," choose a dragon.