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True Blue Friend
Season: 1
Production code: 28b
Broadcast number: 28b
Written by:
Jeffrey Scott
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
January 26, 2000
Paired with
"Sand Castle Hassle"

True Blue Friend is the second segment of the twenty-eighth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


The gang inadvertently uses permanent paint and turn themselves into different colors. They must follow Quetzal's instructions in order to get the paint off.


While playing a game of Twist, Max wants to stand on the blue footprints even though they have to stand on the red ones. They decide to go to Dragon land, when they arrive, their friends can't decide what to play, Max suggests finger painting which is a great idea. Ord gets the paint, although Zak does tell Ord not to get the paint on the bottom shelf behind the toy chest, unfortunately Ord does, especially after seeing how pretty the colors are. They have fun painting and after they finish, they are messy so Zak gives them some dragon wipes, but when they try to wipe the paint off it only spreads. Soon they have paint all over them, Zak doesn't understand because the paint in the toy chest is supposed to come off (it's water paint). He asks Ord if he took the paint off the bottom shelf, which he wasn't supposed to take because that paint is permanent. After hearing this, a guilty Ord admits that he did take that paint.

The gang asks Quetzal if he can get the paint off and while he cannot get it off, they can:

  1. They have to cover themselves with sparkling juice from the fairy berries
  2. Next they have to dry themselves off with leaves from a tiger tree
  3. Finally they have to go to the Stickleback mountains and make Snow Angels

Before they go off, Quetzel tells them they have to follow these directions exactly for it to work. First they go to find the berries, unfortunately they can’t remember what kind, eventually they use dragon berries and instead of being sparkly they’re all sticky.

They go back to Quetzal and tells them he said Fairy Berries not Dragon berries, to help them he gives them a rhyme for each part:

  • Fairy Berry rub and be merry
  • Tiger trees, dry with leaves
  • Angels and snow, the colors will go.

The finds fairy berries and before long are sparkling, after they try to remember the next part of the puzzle. While they remember they have to dry themselves with leaves, they only remember that it was a type of cat. They think of Lion and Wheezie deduces the poem said Dandelion Trees dry with their seeds. Ord doesn't want to go in because dandelions make him sneeze and are scary when angry, but Cassie assures him that they only roar and never bite. Drying themselves off with the seeds doesn't work and it also sends Ord into a sneezing fit.

After going back to Quetzal, he tells them he said Tiger tree leaves not dandelion seeds. Quetzal decides that if two people could remember one part of the poem it will be easier, so Ord and Max will have the first part, Emmy and Cassie remember the middle and Zak and Wheezie will have the last part.

The friends set off and get more fairy berry juice on themselves, next they find some tiger tree leaves and dry themselves, which makes some of the paint come off. Finally they head to the Stickleback Mountain and make snow angels. The colors come right off and everyone is glad, and Wheezie starts a snowball fight which everyone wants in on.

Max and Emmy head home and Max pranks Emmy by telling her they got paint footprints on the floor only to know they were from the game.



True Blue Friend (transcript)

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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Moral: Follow instructions carefully. Sometimes, the devil is in the details, and if even one detail is off, things won't come out right.
  • In real life, while there are some paints that are permanent, it is only permanent on clothes; it does come off skin eventually.
  • When the gang gets covered in paint, Cassie becomes yellow-green and Ord becomes orange, both of which are opposites to their respective colors.
    • According to the color wheel, orange is directly complementary to blue while yellow-green is complementary to red-violet/pink.