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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Try It You'll Like It" from season two, which aired on September 13, 2001.


  • Zak: Uh oh, I’m still hungry. I should have brought more sandwiches.
  • Wheezie: [whispering] Watch out. Zak gets kinda grumpy when he’s hungry.
  • [Zak happens to hear that and angrily pushes both of them out of their seat.]
  • Zak: I do not! [Realizing] Um, okay. Maybe a little.
  • Wheezie: Oooh! A frozen banana!
  • [Zak tries the frozen banana and doesn’t seem to like it.]
  • Zak: No thank you!
  • [Ord takes it and munches on it, much to Wheezie’s dismay.]
  • Ord: Mmmm, thank you.
  • Zak: What else have you got?