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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Up, Up And Away" from season one, which aired on April 20, 2000.


  • Max: Blowing bubbles is really hard!
  • Max: I’m starving!
  • Ord: [struggling] Then…………you.…………can.…………have…………
  • [Ord tears the sandwich in half, but the other half falls into a puddle.]
  • Ord: Half.
  • [Ord and Max go over to the puddle and the sandwich piece floats over to Max. Max picks it up out of the water, only to find it all wet and soggy.]
  • Max: Yuck!
  • [Ord offers him another piece.]
  • Ord: Want half of a half?
  • Max: Sure.
  • Ord: Can you pop it? Can you?
  • [Cassie takes a small barrette from her pouch.]
  • Cassie: I’ll try my barrette.
  • [Cassie pokes the bubble with it, but the barrette just bounces off.]
  • Cassie: Hey!
  • [Cassie’s barrette lands in between the beaks of two birds in a nest. Next, Emmy picks up a stick from the ground.]
  • Emmy: Maybe this will do the job.
  • [Emmy tries to use the stick to pop the bubble, but it just breaks in half.]
  • Max: I don’t think anything’s gonna pop this bubble.
  • Wheezie: We’ll see about that.
  • [Wheezie takes out a baseball bat out of their pouch and prepares to hit the bubble with it.]
  • Everyone else: WHEEZIE!!! NO!!!!
  • Wheezie: Just kidding.
  • Emmy: Frozen bubbles!
  • Cassie: Why didn’t I think of that before?
  • Emmy: Think of what?
  • Cassie: We can freeze Ord’s bubble then crack it open just like an egg.
  • Zak: But where are we going to find a freezer big enough for Ord and his bubble?
  • Emmy: What if we brought him to a place as cold as a freezer?
  • Cassie: Like Snowy Summit!