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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Very Berry" from season two which aired on June 5, 2001.


  • Max: Ord, all you’re doing is eating. Aren’t you going to put any in your basket?
  • Ord: I’m just building up my strength. One more berry and I’ll be ready.
  • Ord: I can't find any berries anywhere. Hey, what's that? Hmm. I wonder if there any berries in there. [grunting] Oh. It's kinda dark in here. Maybe I'd better not... (straining) Uh-oh. Oh, no. I'm stuck!
  • Max: My dad once read me a story where a bear got stuck in a hole, because he ate too much honey.
  • Zak: Really? How’d he get out?
  • Max: He stayed there until he got thin again, then he popped out.
  • Cassie: But wouldn’t that take days and days?
  • Ord: Oh, you aren’t going to leave me here for days and days, are you?
  • Emmy: No, of course not, Ord. Well, we tried pulling him out and that didn’t work.
  • Ord: And I tried sucking in my tummy and that didn’t work either.
  • Max: Almost!
  • Zak: Almost nothing. He barely moved.
  • Wheezie: If only you were more slippery, Ord.
  • Emmy: That’s it! One time I got a ring stuck on my thumb and my abuelita used some soap to make it slippery so it could slide off.
  • Cassie: But we don’t have any soap.
  • Emmy: What else is slippery?
  • Ord: I know! Remember how I slipped and almost fell in the mud? Mud is slippery.
  • Max: There’s tons of mud right here. Come on everyone.
  • Ord: [giggles] It tickles.
  • Emmy: Are you ready to try again?
  • Max, Zak and Wheezie: Ready!
  • [everyone grunting]
  • Zak: It's working.
  • Wheezie: [sings off-key] Love it!
  • Ord: Whoa. I can fell myself moving.
  • Emmy: All together now.
  • Everyone: And a 1, and a 2, and a 3!
  • Ord: Oh, I ate so many berries before. Should I or shouldn’t I? Well, maybe just a little bite.