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Wheezie's Hairball
Season: 1
Production code: 18b
Broadcast number: 18b
Written by:
Scott Guy
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
October 20, 1999
Paired with
"Quibbling Siblings"

Wheezie's Hairball is the second segment of the eighteenth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


Zak and Wheezie have a new pet hairball named Slurpy and are excited to show him to their friends. After a while, they also begin to realize on how big a responsibility having a pet can be.





Wheezie's Hairball (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Ord: Hey, that's not a chew toy!
  • Wheezie: My super boinger whistle!
  • Wheezie: I just love Boinngers they're so. Boing Boing. Boingy!

Home Video release[]



Color error

Ord's legs are the wrong color

  • When they go check on Slurpy after squirting water from his mouth, Ord's legs are recolored as Zak and Wheezie's in the upper right corner while the actual Zak and Wheezie's heads are very much visible in the scene's lower right corner.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • Taking care of a pet is a very big responsibility and can be very hard, but it can also be very fun.
    • Also, the pay off of your pet's love is always worth the effort.
  • Max had a pet turtle named Flash until the next episode, when his parents no longer accept pets in the house. It's unknown what happened to the turtle after this episode, unless it became his classroom's pet turtle in Max and/or Emmy's human school.
  • This is probably the first time a slow animal is ironically named Flash, with at least the second being Flash Slothmore from Disney's Zootopia.
  • This is an episode where the opening rhyme to Dragon Land is interrupted, as Max stops to put Flash and his food in the latter's bowl.