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Wheezie's Last Laugh
Season: 1
Production code: 25a
Broadcast number: 25a
Written by:
Scott Guy
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
January 21, 2000
Paired with
"Frog Prints"

Wheezie's Last Laugh is the first segment of the twenty-fifth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


Mr. Pop steals Wheezie's laugh, plus he switches all the animal sounds around too. During a merry chase, everyone in Dragon Land learns that everything has its own special sound, especially Wheezie.


In the playroom, Max and Emmy are getting ready to play soccer in the front yard. But upon hearing the sound of their dad’s lawnmower, they decide to go play in Dragon Land instead.

Once they arrive, they begin playing soccer with Ord, Zak and Wheezie. The ball goes into the tall grass and Ord goes to retrieve it, but he is distracted by a dragon frog crowing like a rooster. The gang is both surprised and confused.

Suddenly, a little man named Mr. Pop appears, and shows them a device called the Sound Switcher, a device that allows him to remove sounds from anything and replace them with other sounds. At first, everyone is amazed, but once Wheezie starts laughing, Mr. Pop uses the device to steal it and runs away.

The gang chases after him, but he gets away. However, they did manage to get a hold of the Sound Switcher. They then decide to use it to get Wheezie’s laugh back and switch back the sounds of the animals. To help, the same dragon frog from earlier a rooster (making the sound of a cow) come along and lead them to a dragon cow (sounding like a frog). After switching the sounds back to normal, the dragon cow tells them where to find Mr. Pop, pointing in the direction.

The gang hangs towards a waterfall in front of a cave. However, the waterfall makes the sound of a lion’s roar (presumably to keep anyone from coming close to it). They go into the cave and find a bunch of stuff, like a trumpet, a bike horn and a bell, that are now silent because Mr. Pop removed the sounds from them. They soon find him deep in the cave and demand to get Wheezie’s laugh back. But they end up making a mess of things, causing all the sound bottles to scatter everywhere. They all struggle to find Wheezie’s laugh, but the only sounds they find are a trumpet (which they put back in its proper place) and a foghorn.

Determined, Zak decides to give Mr. Pop a taste of his own medicine. While Mr. Pop is laughing, Zak uses the Sound Switcher to remove it and replace it with a donkey sound, making him understand how Wheezie felt when he took her laugh. Zak agrees to give Mr. Pop back his laugh, but only if he agrees to give Wheezie back hers, which he does. After they both get their laughs back, Mr. Pop apologizes to Wheezie and the gang has a bit of fun with the sounds in the cave.

Soon after, Max and Emmy arrive back home and discover the lawnmower sound has stopped and go to play outside. As they head out the door, Emmy notices a hiccup sound as Max is walking, thinking that Mr. Pop must’ve switched the sounds of his footsteps before they left. But it was actually revealed that Max was laughing so much, it gave him the hiccups.



Wheezie's Last Laugh (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Emmy: Who are you?
  • Mr. Pop: Me? My name is Mr—
  • [The little man makes a pop sound with his mouth.]
  • All: Mr Pop?
  • Mr. Pop: Delighted to meet you.
  • (The dragon frog hops away, looking a little bitter.)
  • Mr. Pop: You haven’t heard anything yet, ladies and gentle-dragons. I have a zillion more where that came from.
  • (he pulls open his jacket, revealing numerous bottles of sounds in pockets.)
  • Mr. Pop: I have good sounds and bad sounds. Happy sounds and sad sounds. Quiet sounds AND LOUD SOUNDS!!!
  • Ord: Wow!
  • Max: Great!
  • Wheezie: I want one of those Sound Switchers!
  • Zak: Me too.
  • Wheezie: Where can I get one? (Laughs)
  • Mr. Pop: (surprised) What did you say?
  • Wheezie: I said ‘where can I get one?’
  • Mr. Pop: No, no, no, no. After that.
  • Wheezie: Uh…… after that, I just laughed. (Laughs again.)
  • Mr. Pop: Ha! I got your laugh.
  • Wheezie: Got my laugh? You’re so funny.
  • (Wheezie tries laughing again, but nothing comes out.)
  • Wheezie: Huh?
  • Zak: He does have it.
  • Max: Give it back!
  • Mr. Pop: Gotta run!
  • Wheezie: Hey! I heard my laugh!
  • Zak: There it is!
  • Wheezie: (sad) Oh, if I don’t get my laugh back, I’m never gonna laugh again. Ever!
  • Zak: Don’t worry, Wheezie. Your big brother will get your laugh back.
  • [This time, Zak picks up an empty bottle while Mr Pop is still laughing.]
  • Mr. Pop: Oh, I’m laughing so much, it hurts!
  • Zak: Uh, Mr. Pop. I found a great sound for you.
  • Mr. Pop: Really? A funny one? Oh, let me hear it! [Laughs]
  • [As Mr. Pop keeps laughing, Zak uses the sound switcher to remove the laugh from his mouth. Zak takes another sound and puts that into him. When Mr. Pop tries laughing, it sounds just like a donkey.]
  • Mr. Pop: [gasps] My laugh! [Donkey bray]
  • Wheezie: Now you know how it feels to lose your favorite [imitates Mr. Pop’s laugh].
  • Mr. Pop: I sure do. And it feels…..awful.
  • Zak: I’ll give you your laugh back, if you give my sister her laugh back.
  • Mr. Pop: Okay, you win.
  • Emmy: The lawnmower sound stopped.
  • Max: We can play soccer now.
  • [As Max and Emmy head for the door, a hiccuping sound is heard.]
  • Emmy: Max! Did you hear that?
  • (Max stops walking and turns around.]
  • Max: What?
  • [Emmy points down towards Max’s feet.]
  • Emmy: Mr. Pop must’ve switched your footstep sounds before we left Dragon Land.
  • [Max turns his left foot and another hiccuping sound is heard.]
  • Max: Nuh-uh. All that laughing gave me [hiccups] the hiccups.
  • [The two kids laugh as Max hiccups once again.]

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  • Cassie is heard gasping when Mr. Pop is first shown even though she was not in this episode.
  • Mistakenly, Zak says that he is the older twin. Normally, especially as noted in "The Giant of Nod," it is Wheezie who is older.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • Every sound has a special place where it belongs.
    • It’s not nice to take things from other people without their consent.
  • Cassie is absent in this episode.
  • Mr. Pop having his laugh changed to a donkey braying may be an indirect reference to Tom & Jerry.
  • A bit of the animation where Emmy enters the playroom is reused in the previous episode The Greatest Show in Dragon Land.