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This article is about the DVD. You may be looking for the VHS.

Dragon Tales - Whenever I'm Afraid..

Whenever I'm Afraid... is a DVD featuring 5 episodes of Dragon Tales. It was released by Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment on May 25, 2004.


  1. "Have No Fear"
  2. "I Believe In Me"
  3. "Cowboy Max"
  4. "Try It You'll Like It"
  5. "Make No Mistake"

VHS Counterpart[]

Whenever I'm Afraid... (VHS)


  • The Sony Pictures Television 2002 Logo used the Columbia Tristar Television 1997 Logo audio in the DVD version of Dragon Tales Whenever I'm Afraid... when Dragon Tales Whenever I'm Afraid... (VHS) uses the Sony Pictures Television 2002 Logo with regular audio.
  • The back cover over Dragon Tales "Whenever I'm Afraid..." DVD, the episode order is incorrect saying I Believe In Me comes first, then Make No Mistake, then Have No Fear, then Cowboy Max, and then Try It You'll Like It last. The DVD of Dragon Tales "Whenever I'm Afraid...", Have No Fear actually comes first, then I Believe In Me, then Cowboy Max, Try It You'll Like It, and then Make No Mistake came last.
  • Before the last credits, the episode was titled as "Make No Mistakes".