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This article is about the VHS. You may be looking for the DVD.

Dragon Tales - Whenever I'm Afraid..

Whenever I'm Afraid... is a VHS featuring 3 episodes of Dragon Tales. It was released by Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment on May 25, 2004.


  1. "Have No Fear"
  2. "Cowboy Max"
  3. "Try It You'll Like It"

Dragon Tunes[]

  1. Ord Shuffle
  2. Friends

DVD Counterpart[]

Whenever I'm Afraid... (DVD)


The VHS cover of Dragon Tales "Whenever I'm Afraid..." says Have No Fear, Make No Mistake, and Cowboy Max although the VHS tape has "Try It You'll Like It" instead of "Make No Mistake" and "Cowboy Max" plays 2nd after "Have No Fear".


  • The Dragon Tunes Opening Sequence does not play before the Dragon Tune itself. Instead after the episode, it cuts straight to the song before the next episode without the closing sequence.