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Willie the Wishing Well is a recurring character in the series. He is a talking wishing well in the shape of a walrus wearing a crown. Whenever someone tosses a coin in the well and makes a wish, he grants their wish. He first appears in the episode One Big Wish.

Physical Appearance[]





In his first appearance in the episode One Big Wish, Max stumbles upon him after a ball flies over his head during a game of Dragon Ball and lands in the well. As he leans in to retrieve the ball, Max wishes that he could be bigger and the quarter his dad gave him to go to the carnival falls out of his pocket and into the well. The wish is granted, and Max grows big enough to reach the ball. After Max leaves, Willie wakes up and notices the quarter that fell into the well. However, because he never specified a size limit in his wish, Max continues to grow bigger and bigger. Max grows bigger than Ord, then bigger than Quetzal, then even bigger than Mungus. After being visited by Quetzal, Emmy, and the rest of his dragon friends, Max, now wanting to return to his normal size, goes back to see Willie, who wakes up and is initially startled to see that Max is now a Giant. After searching his pockets and finding no coins, Max uses a dragon coin given to him by Ord to wish himself back to his normal size, though not before picking up Ord and hugging him to see how it felt to be "the squisher instead of the one who gets squished". It's unknown if there is a limit to how big Max would have gotten, since he wasn't specific about how big he wanted to be. This means that it's possible that if he didn't wish to return to his normal size, Max would have continued growing indefinitely without ever stopping, which would have made him the biggest giant to ever exist.


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