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Zak's Song
Zak's song
Season: 1
Production code: 5b
Broadcast number: 5b
Written by:
Scott Guy
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 10, 1999
Paired with
"Pigment of Your Imagination"

Zak's Song is the second segment of the fifth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


The dragons summon Emmy and Max late at night to watch the Do-Re-Mi birds. While Wheezie scares the birds away with her loud music, Zak tries to find ways to bring them back since he believes that his soft music will lure them back home.


It is very late at night when the Dragon Scale glows unexpectedly, waking Emmy up. She calls Max's attention into the playroom, who is also half-asleep, and remarks that it's still dark outside, but Emmy realizes the situation must be important. With no time to hesitate, the siblings warp to Dragon Land, where it is already daybreak. Max calls for anyone, until Ord shushes him, placing his hand over his mouth, and tells Emmy and Max to follow him.

Ord takes the kids to Cassie, Zak and Wheezie, who are all listening to a sweet, alluring singing in the morning. The gang don't know where it's coming from, as they've been hearing it every morning for about a week. Zak suspects the melody is coming from Quiet Corner, so they go through the meadow to investigate (albeit, having to shush Wheezie in the process).

After walking through the meadow, the gang come across the source; a flock of Do-Re-Mi birds singing. The gang are awestruck at the sweet singing, but Wheezie wants to join in and sing with the birds. Despite Cassie remarking that Do-Re-Mis love singing, however, Zak warns Wheezie not to get close, as they sing softly and are easily frightened by loud noises. Unfortunately, Wheezie is too excited to listen, and decides to let Zak sing softly while she rocked and rolled, dragging Zak to the birds, and begins to rap off-key upon sitting on their perch.

The Do-Re-Mis are naturally disturbed by Wheezie's rapping, and they fly away to a nearby tree, much to Wheezie's disappointment. Ord suggests using Dragonberries to coax them back, but Max remarks they may not like Dragonberries, so Ord eats them and shares with Max. Cassie remarks that the Do-Re-Mis' singing sounds like a lullaby, so Zak suggests singing a soft lullaby similar to what his and Wheezie's parents used to sing for them, but Wheezie is not on board, insisting on making wild bird calls to convince the birds they're one of them. Ord thinks calling birds is to shout, "CALLING ALL BIRDS!!", but Emmy suggests whistling, which she demonstrates. Cassie tries whistling, but breaths fire instead. Max suggests making funny noises to call the birds, and Wheezie tries tweeting...all to Zak's dismay as the Do-Re-Mis are even more scared by the needless bird calling that they fly away to another tree.

More trouble lies ahead, as the gang's combined weight causes the birds' perch to break. Zak is trying to tell everyone to sing softly to call the birds back, but Cassie suggests disguising themselves as birds. Zak tries to dissuade her, but Ord is onboard, bringing out arts and crafts supplies from his pouch to make feathers, with Wheezie suggesting she'll be a mother bird and Zak be a father bird. This angers Zak, who refuses to take part. Unfortunately, he doesn't have much of a choice as Max puts on a toucan mask over Zak's nose.

The gang is pretending to be a bird family, with Max being the father bird feeding a worm to the baby bird (that's Ord). The gang continue squawking until the Do-Re-Mis start to take notice. Ord then flies up, mimicking the musical tone ladder. Unfortunately, this scares the birds yet again, as Ord was singing too loudly. The gang is disappointed, and lament to never hearing the birds sing again, until Zak starts playing his flute with a soft tone. Wheezie tries to dissuade Zak, insisting that Do-Re-Mi birds are wild and should enjoy wild music, but Zak insists that he is playing it his way.

Zak continues playing his flute softly, and soon, the Do-Re-Mi birds take notice and start to sing along to Zak's flute. While still playing, Zak leads the gang and the flock back to the perch. Zak continues playing as the gang rebuild the Do-Re-Mis' perch, and stops when they've finished. The flock lands, and Zak plays another tune, and the Do-Re-Mis sing along, concluding as the sun rises over Dragon Land. Wheezie becomes proud of her brother for his performance, but also for doing what he thought was best.

After realizing they're still in their pajamas, Max and Emmy return home, where it is already morning. Max asks if they could have birds to wake them up instead of depending upon an old alarm clock, to which Emmy suggests asking their parents. They start chirping and tweeting like birds as they leave the playroom to ask their parents.



Zak's Song (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

Wheezie: "Come on! Let's do some Do-Re-Mis with the Do-Re-Mis!"
Wheezie: "Do-Re-Yous! Wait for Do-Re-...Me!"
Ord: "I know how to do a bird call. Calling all birds! Calling all birds!"
(last lines)
Max: Emmy, can we get birds to wake us up in the morning instead of our noisy old alarm clock?
Emmy: Let's ask Mom and Dad.
Max: But they're still asleep.
Emmy: Not for long.

Home Video release[]



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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • If someone else’s plans don’t work, try what you think is right, even if others may not agree.
    • Just because animals and birds are wild doesn’t mean they like wild things like loud noises.
  • This is one of the episodes where the playroom scene was seen in the nighttime.
  • This is the only episode where Emmy is shown without her hairband and ponytail.
  • This is the first appearance of the Do-Re-Mi birds.
  • The beak Zak wore resembles that of Toucan Sam, the mascot of Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal.
    • Kellogg's was a sponsor of Dragon Tales during its original run.
  • This is the first episode to immediately start with the Dragon Scale glowing.