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For the Dragon Tunes song, see Zak & Wheezie (song).
Zak and Wheezie

Zak and Wheezie

Male (Zak)
Female (Wheezie)
Two-Headed Dragon
Each other (siblings)
Their parents
Other relatives
Dragon Badge(s)
Two golden musical eighth notes (single for Zak, double for Wheezie)
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Zak and Wheezie are the tetartagonists of Dragon Tales. They are fraternal conjoined twin Dragon Land inhabitants who both love music, though their complete opposite personalities can often cause lots of arguments between the two of them, but they make up and get along, like agree to disagree. Also, they are Enrique's best friends.

Physical Appearance[]

In nearly every episode of Dragon Tales, Zak and Wheezie are mainly both heads connected to a large dragon-body, and the two have long necks. Zak is the green-brother with blue spikes and controls the right-half, while Wheezie is the purple-sister with fuchsia spikes and controls the left-half. Like every other dragon, Zak and Wheezie have small wings, and a tail with dark teal spines, as well as elongated snouts (though Wheezie appears to have her lower-jaw extended slightly farther than Zak does). Their badges are shaped like musical notes.

Wheezie appears to have small green speckles on some parts of her half (shoulder, upper leg, and tail), while Zak seems to have teal spots. As far as coloration goes, their stomach is colored pastel blue. Unlike the other dragons, their claws are pastel yellow instead of a clear-white. This is because their claws are dirty (simply because Wheezie refuses to use claw cleaner).


Despite being a two-headed dragon, both Zak & Wheezie are completely distinct in thoughts and are actually opposites of each other:

Zak is neat, calm, quiet, orderly, serious, stubborn, arrogant, lazy, and pessimistic, as well as cautious.

Wheezie is silly, loud, friendly, free-spirited, energetic, and optimistic.

They both love music, and are skilled musicians, and make up a "one-dragon band", which can even play notes on their scales. At times, their opposite personalities can lead to many disagreements, but harmony gives back when they learn to respect and listen to each other. They will try anything to get away from each other in moments of anger and despair. In one episode, they found a magical chant that tried to separate them and it was a success, or the "alone cone", which isolates one head from the other (but in the end they were glad to be reunited). In the episode, "The Giant of Nod," Wheezie mentions that she is older than Zak (only by three "measly" seconds, as he notes because her head hatched from the egg before his), but in "Wheezie's Last Laugh," Zak explains that he is older than Wheezie is. Their music note badges light up when they can find a way to meet a difficult challenge, such as getting along with each other, although there have been occasions where either badge glows alone. As with most siblings, they bicker most of the time and disagree with each other a lot. But if the two heads cooperate, they will finally make a great team.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

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Video games[]

  • Dragon Tales: Dragon Seek
  • Dragon Tales: Dragon Adventures (not playable in Game Boy Color version)


  • According to Wheezie, she is the elder of the two compared to Zak, as she emerged by sticking her head out of the egg three seconds before he did.
    • On the other hand, in "Wheezie's Last Laugh," Zak mentions that he is the older one. This is probably an error in scripting. However he could be implying that he’s more mature mentally, while Wheezie is older physically.
  • While Zak is right-handed, Wheezie is left-handed. Although this contradicts the common notion that the right side is associated with creativity and the left side with logic.
  • In real life, if two people shared portions of a body as Zak and Wheezie do, they would be called conjoined twins and would also be the same gender because only identical twins can be conjoined, but Zak is male while Wheezie is female, which makes them fraternal twins.
  • Zak's catchphrase is "Take it easy, Wheezie!", while Wheezie's is "Loooove it!"    
  • Alongside Ord, Zak and Wheezie have been shown to breathe fire at a certain point. (Example: Zak breathed a long stream of fire in "Calling Dr. Zak" and the show's title sequence while marching along with other dragons are playing music).
  • In the episode "Not Separated At Birth", they got separated. This is the very first and only time in the show that has ever happened, because Zak and Wheezie realize they end up preferring to actually be together.
  • Prior to Enrique's first introduction, they never had any child companion and flew without anyone riding on their back, except on occasional episodes.
  • They are similar to the Nickelodeon cartoon CatDog being conjoined and have similar personalities as CatDog.
  • In that regard, Zak acts like Cat who is more calm, serious and cautious, whereas Wheezie is more like Dog who acts more wild, silly and spontaneous.
  • Zak and Wheezie rarely shed tears. Wheezie sheds tears in "Out With The Garbage", "Sand Castle Hassle", and "Wheezie's Last Laugh". The only episode where Zak sheds tears is "Quibbling Siblings".
  • Zak and Wheezie are the ones who appear the least of the dragon friends in the show, since they are absent for 9 episodes, while Cassie is absent for 7 episodes, and Ord is absent for only 2 episodes.
  • Both have their birthday land on July 21 as shown on a Dragon Tales 2005 calendar.
  • Speaking of birthdays, like Zak and Wheezie, Jason Michas (the voice of Zak) and Kathleen Barr (the voice of Wheezie) share a birthday in real life: April 6th. In fact, Michas was born on Barr's fifth birthday, making it fitting that Wheezie is the older twin.
  • There have been two episodes where only one of their dragon badges glows.
    • In "The Grudge Won't Budge," Zak's badge glows without Wheezie's when he finally forgives her.
    • In "Let's Dance," Wheezie's badge glows without Zak's when she is finally patient to open the last box.
  • According to the "What Could Have Been" section of TV Tropes's trivia of this show, Zak and Wheezie were originally named Snarf and Bugger, but presumably, the reason for this change was that the former name was already used for a character in Thundercats, and the latter is British profanity.
  • Zak and Wheezie were added as a playable character in the Game Boy Advance port of Dragon Tales: Dragon Adventures. In the original Game Boy Color version, they made a non-playable appearance on some menu screens. However, their in-game sprite had a design error that reversed Zak and Wheezie's body positions whenever they faced right.


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