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Zak and Wheezie's Mom and Dad are minor characters. They are voiced by Stevie Vallance and an unknown man, respectively. They are, as the hideline suggests, Zak and Wheezie's parents.

Physical Appearance[]

Zak and Wheezie's parents are entirely offscreen throughout "The Big Sleepover."

In their one appearance even partly shown, "Just the Two of Us," it is shown that the twins' father is a more reddish purple with a polka-dotted bow tie, and their mother is a little closer to a light violet, making the father a warmer purple than his wife.


In "The Big Sleepover," after the gang has played the dizzy game, the twins' father asks them if everything is wild and "fun-tastic" (a portmanteau of "fun" and "fantastic") in there. Wheezie confirms it to be "fun-tastic." Their mother then tells them if they need anything, they're just a holler away. Zak thanks her for that. As this was being heard, Cassie looks at a multi-photo thing of her own family and starts to miss her mommy and daddy.

As for "Just the Two of Us," the parents have brought over a building block set either of them used to play with.


Season 2[]


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