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Official Artwork[]

Dragon Tales Opening Theme[]


Season 1[]

The Forest of Darkness[]

Tails You Lose[]

Calling Dr. Zak[]

Zak's Song[]

The Giant of Nod[]

Emmy's Dream House[]

Not Separated At Birth[]

Follow The Dots[]

Quibbling Siblings[]

Wheezie's Hairball[]

Stormy Weather[]

No Hitter[]

Treasure Hunt[]

Crash Landings[]

Sand Castle Hassle[]

My Emmy Or Bust[]

Follow The Leader[]

Roller Coaster Dragon[]

Whole Lotta Maracas Goin' On[]

To Do or Not to Do[]

Season 2[]

Lucky Stone[]

Give Zak A Hand[]

The Sorrow And The Party[]

Let's Dance[]

Season 3[]

To Fly With A New Friend Part 2[]

Animation Cels[]

Video Games[]